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Semi automatic solder paste printer S400

Semi automatic solder paste printer S400

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Product features: The servo system is convenient and accurate for positioning. The Japanese THK guide rail and Taiwan STK variable frequency motor are used to drive the scraper base to ensure the printing accuracy. The printing scraper can be rota

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F K Type Resistor Lead Forming Tool Component Lead Bender

F K Type Resistor Lead Forming Tool Component Lead Bender

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SC-106B Automatic Axial lead former : Model:SC-106B Voltage:220V AC 60Hz/50Hz 160W Size:L610*W500*H700MM Weight:115kg Efficiency:7200PCS/H 1.Suitable for the taped and loose axial resistor,diode forming and cut . 2.Stable quality and best suita

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LGA36 6.5 x 3.5 mm

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 06 16:36:39 EDT 2007 | mika

Ah, I almost forget (forgot?) to mention that according to the Gerber files (which is the info we send to the PCB-house) the PCB land pattern for this LGA-36 0.35mm rounded pads and the boardhouse cannot achieve this. I understand them; 0.35mm pads,

LGA Processing

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 30 23:35:43 EDT 2007 | mika

Question: Does this formula apply even for the small LGA:s like LGA36 6.5 x 3.5 x 0.6 mm pad size 0.35mm pitch 0.60mm? We use a 0.13 mm stencil thichess beacuse on the same board there is some P.I.P comps. The board dimensions is 35 x 50 mm on a pane

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Kikusui PAD35-20L

Kikusui PAD35-20L

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Kikusui PAD35-20L Wavelength: 20 The PAD35-20L is a 0-35 volt, 20A linear power supply. It has analog current and voltage panel meters. It features adjustable current limit, external sensing, and adjustable over voltge protection (OVP). The PAD

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Panasonic  NPM module

Panasonic NPM module

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Product Name :Panasoinc  NPM module Product number: two modules NPM Detailed product introduction 2D inspection head function of NPM tape coating machine: 1, NPM check head resolution: 9 m 2, NPM check head vision: 21.1 * 17.6mm 3, check proc

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Zarlink Sells Wafer Facility to X-Fab for $30M

Industry News | 2002-03-29 08:28:28.0

Has Found a Buyer for its Wafer Fabrication Facility in Plymouth, England


Connectors Handle Up to 54A Safely Onboard

Industry News | 2003-05-19 08:44:19.0

Two new PCB power connectors offer easy high power wiring (up to 54A) with built-in safety features to prevent incorrect connections and resist strong vibration.


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Hitachi Pick up nozzle HITACHI nozzle HV51 NOZZLE

Hitachi Pick up nozzle HITACHI nozzle HV51 NOZZLE

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Pick up nozzle HITACHI nozzle Pick up nozzle HITACHI nozzle HV51 NOZZLE PART NO. DESCRIPTION HA10 φ0.7X0.4/φ0.15 PV01 φ1.1X0.6/φ0.35 HV03 φ1.3/φ0.9 PV02 φ1.7X0.9/φ0.65 HA04 φ1.8/φ1.1 VF01 φ8.0/φ3.0

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Yamaha SMT Nozzles for Yamaha YS12, YS24, YG12, YG24

Yamaha SMT Nozzles for Yamaha YS12, YS24, YG12, YG24

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SMT Nozzles for Yamaha YS12, YS24, YG12, YG24 Part Number Description 0.65×0.35 for 0603 0.65×0.35 for 0603 Tip KGS-M7710-A0X 211A 0.8×0.7 (X) 211A 0.8×0.7 (X) Tip KGS-M7720-A0X 212A 1.7×1.0 (X) 212A 1.7×1.0 (X) Tip KGS-M7730-

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Dam and Fill Encapsulation for Microelectronic Packages

Technical Library | 1999-08-27 09:29:49.0

Contract packaging houses have to contend with a large mix of die types and products. Flexibility and quick turnaround of package types is a must in this industry. Traditional methods of die encapsulation, (i.e., use of transfer-molding techniques), are only cost effective when producing a large number of components. Liquid encapsulants now provide similar levels of reliability1, and are cost effective...


Reflow Soldering Processes and Troubleshooting: SMT, BGA, CSP and Flip Chip Technologies

Technical Library | 2021-01-03 19:24:52.0

Reflow soldering is the primary method for interconnecting surface mount technology (SMT) applications. Successful implementation of this process depends on whether a low defect rate can be achieved. In general, defects often can be attributed to causes rooted in all three aspects, including materials, processes, and designs. Troubleshooting of reflow soldering requires identification and elimination of root causes. Where correcting these causes may be beyond the reach of manufacturers, further optimizing the other relevant factors becomes the next best option in order to minimize the defect rate.


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Round Blade PCB Cutting V cut Machine ML 508

Round Blade PCB Cutting V cut Machine ML 508


Suitable for diversified glass fibre board, FR-4 board, aluminum board, etc, especially for the PCB with components on both sides. If you have any question about the machine, please feel free to contact e-mial :

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Siemens nozzle magazine 00323044-05


03014616S01 HOSE/EXHAUST AIR C+P20 03014654S01 HOSE / ADAPTER EXHAUST AIR C+P 20 03015194-01 NOZZLE TYPE 1035 compl 03015222-01 NOZZLE TYPE 1235 COMPLETE 03015384-01 NOZZLE TYPE 1135 compl./ 2 part Nozzle 03015388S05 PCB / 1-WIRE PPW C+P 030154

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FUJI NXT H08 H12 V12 DXR12 0.35 Nozzle R07-0035-070 - Products - Leaderway Industrial co.,ltd


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Chip Array Solder Joint Goals - PCB Libraries Forum

PCB Libraries, Inc. |

    Posted: 26 Jul 2012 at 2:08pm I noticed a difference between IPC chip array solder joint goals of Toe= 0.35, Heel= -0.10, Side= -0.10 and PCB Libraries solder joint goals of Toe

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