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PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly

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Our extensive PCB assembly expertise incorporates: Prototypes and pilot builds Conventional electronics assembly Surface mount assembly State-of-the-art equipment RoHS and non-RoHS facilities Cost effective design Core to the JJS Electronics m

JJS Electronics LTD

Siemens Siplace DX Chip Mounter

Siemens Siplace DX Chip Mounter

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Siemens Siplace DX Chip Mounter Siemens Siplace Chip Mounter Siemens DX Chip Mounter Siemens Pick and Place Machine Patch speed:135000CPH Dimension:1900×2734 Weight: 3460kg Product description: Siemens Siplace DX Chip Mounter Pick And

Flason Electronic Co.,limited

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01005 Qualifications - Lead Free

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 24 09:52:08 EST 2014 | davem

Hi Guys, So I work for a small contract manufacturer which caters mainly to the defense sector. As such, our customers haven't (yet) had a great need to incorporate 01005's into their designs. Looking forward, we decided to "take the plunge" and dia

01005 (0402 in metric unit) printing accuracy

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 20 16:51:03 EDT 2005 | pjc

There is a spec I read that states +/- 0.001" (0.025mm) print deposition accuracy and repeatability is more than adequate for 0201-chip printing. I don't think any print studies where done for 01005 chips yet. There are several other factors besides

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Count On Tools Rolls Out COT Placement Nozzles for 0201 and 01005 Components

Industry News | 2011-02-07 15:28:03.0

Count On Tools Inc. introduces its new series of Custom SMT Pick-and-Place Nozzles for 0201 and 01005 Micro-Components. By working closely with a component manufacturer and leading EMS companies, Count On Tools guarantees secure picking of all fragile micro-components and accurate placement on the circuit board.

Count On Tools, Inc.

Count On Tools Introduces MYDATA Midas Nozzles

Industry News | 2010-05-03 20:04:18.0

GAINESVILLE, GA ― Count On Toos Inc., a leading provider of precision components and SMT spare parts, introducing its new MYDATA Midas replacement nozzles and consumables.

Count On Tools, Inc.

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Jetting Strategies for mBGAs a question of give and take...

Technical Library | 2015-04-02 20:12:58.0

The demands on volume delivery and positioning accuracy for solder paste deposits are increasing as the size and complexity of circuits continue to develop in the electronics industry. According to the iNEMI 2013 placement accuracy for these kinds of components will reach 6 sigma placement accuracy in X and Y of 30 um by 2023.This study attempts to understand the dependencies on piezo actuation pulse profile on jetting deposit quality, especially focused on positioning, satellites and shape. The correlation of deposit diameter and positioning deviation as a function of piezo actuation profile shows that positioning error for deposits increase almost monotonically with decreasing droplet volume irrespective of the piezo-actuation profile. The trends for shape and satellite levels are not as clear and demand further study.

Mycronic Technologies AB

Deposition of Solder Paste into High Density Cavity Assemblies

Technical Library | 2018-02-28 22:28:30.0

Circuit functional density requirements continue to drive innovative approaches to high performance packaging. Some new approaches include; aggressive space reduction, embedded solutions, and those that offer some form of risk reduction and rework potential are now options that are being explored by customers. Requirements for assembly of these types of packages necessitate the deposition of solder paste and assembly of components into cavities of the substrates to gain z-axis density as well as area functional density. Advances in the fabrication of PWB’s with cavities using newly developed laser micro-fabrication processes along with increased circuit pitch density of 50 micron lines and spaces permit new applications for high performance electronic substrates. First published at SMTA Pan Pacific Symposium

Celestica Corporation

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SMT Process Engineer

Career Center | Fremont, California USA | Engineering,Production

4 years of PCB assembly process.

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01005 Assembly, the AOI route to optimizing yield

01005 Assembly, the AOI route to optimizing yield News   Forums   SMT Equipment   Company Directory Calendar   Career Center   Advertising   About   FREE Company Listing! 01005 Assembly, the AOI route to optimizing yield. The increasing demand

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