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PCB Assembly Express

PCB Assembly Express

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PCB assembly services, both US and offshore. We handle basic through-hole to standard surface mount to ultra-fine pitch. Quote and order PCB fabrication and assembly online.

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Rework/Repairs including QFP/BGA

Rework/Repairs including QFP/BGA

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TMS is fully equipped to carry out simple to complex rework of assembled PCBs. We have successfully repaired many third party PCBs including Sony Playstation motherboards! We can also undertake SMT modifications to rectify design faults, remedies ca

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LD-650V is a New smt machine from LEADSMT , It can loading 28 pcs of electric feeders and if both sides equipped ,can load 56 pcs of feeder positions .  It can work for IC ,Resistors , smd capacitors ,connectors , bridge & Leds etc ,if combinati

ShenZhen Leadsmt Technology Co.,Ltd

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Stencil Thickness

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 15 18:48:49 EDT 2007 | prologic

We have not processed very much 0402 size components in the past. We are finding that alot of our customers are upgrading their circuits and going with 0402 size parts. We recently processed one such circuit and odered a paste stencil 6 mil in thickn

Chip Capacitor Uneven Surface

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 28 10:36:03 EDT 2009 | Sean

Hi all, Anyone come across chip capacitor with 0402 size with appearance as shown in the attached file?? My customer claim that this appearance is not acceptable..Any idea in this case? Rgds, Sean

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Philips CSM Eclipse

Philips CSM Eclipse

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This Philips CSM Eclipse Flexible Placement Machine, is left to right. The CSM Eclipse was made for fine pitch placement and smaller components down to 0402 size components. It is versatile and extremely good at a small runs and prototype application

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JBC Tools Inc. to Exhibit at the 2011 IPC APEX EXPO

Industry News | 2011-03-31 12:07:21.0

JBC Tools announces that it will exhibit in Booth #2629 at the upcoming IPC APEX EXPO.

JBC Tools USA, Inc

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0201 Placement - Only With The Right Team and Tools!

Technical Library | 2003-09-17 02:59:58.0

It appears very logical that the successor of the 0402 size SMD would be the 0201. Curves showing the life-cycle of a body size, from introduction to most used to only for special cases, are very similar for the 1206, 0805, 0603 and 0402. So there is reason to expect that the same will happen with the 0201. Until now there is only little evidence for this, but most technologies come later than expected but faster than expected!


New High-Speed 3D Surface Imaging Technology in Electronics Manufacturing Applications

Technical Library | 2020-03-26 14:55:29.0

This paper introduces line confocal technology that was recently developed to characterize 3D features of various surface and material types at sub-micron resolution. It enables automatic microtopographic 3D imaging of challenging objects that are difficult or impossible to scan with traditional methods, such as machine vision or laser triangulation.Examples of well-suited applications for line confocal technology include glossy, mirror-like, transparent and multi-layered surfaces made of metals (connector pins, conductor traces, solder bumps etc.), polymers (adhesives, enclosures, coatings, etc.), ceramics (components, substrates, etc.) and glass (display panels, etc.). Line confocal sensors operate at high speed and can be used to scan fast-moving surfaces in real-time as well as stationary product samples in the laboratory. The operational principle of the line confocal method and its strengths and limitations are discussed.Three metrology applications for the technology in electronics product manufacturing are examined: 1. 3D imaging of etched PCBs for micro-etched copper surface roughness and cross-sectional profile and width of etched traces/pads. 2. Thickness, width and surface roughness measurement of conductive ink features and substrates in printed electronics applications. 3. 3D imaging of adhesive dots and lines for shape, dimensions and volume in PCB and product assembly applications.

FocalSpec, Inc.

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LEADSMT smt machine ,smt equipment LD-650V

LEADSMT smt machine ,smt equipment LD-650V


The smt machine now is doing led 5050,IC And resistors. It already updated in 2019 and in July it sell more than 60 sets for one big offer in China , it with 28 electric feeders , more faster than the cheaper machines .it is used for all kinds of ele

ShenZhen Leadsmt Technology Co.,Ltd

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