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Management Recruiters of Timonium

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Working within specialized industries, Management Recruiters (MR) consistently delivers the highest quality candidates at every level to our clients, large and small. Together MRI's network of nearly 1,000 offices worldwide and 4,500 recruiters comprise the most powerful staffing search and recruiting organization in the world. MRI of Baltimore/Timonium retains one of the most tenured staff i

Shin Puu Technology Co., Ltd

Shin Puu Technology Co., Ltd

Industry Directory | Manufacturer of Bare PCBs

SP is a high mix low to medium volume PCB + PCB + EMS shop locate in Taiwan. We are in business since 2001 with over 1,000 active customers and certified to ISO-9001, ISO-14001 & TS-16949 standards.

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Vantage - Advanced Dispensing for Precision Packaging and Assembly

Vantage - Advanced Dispensing for Precision Packaging and Assembly

New Equipment | Dispensing

Next-Generation Dispensing Capabilities for Precision Packaging and Assembly The Vantage® Series is specifically designed for advanced semiconductor package, electromechanical, and printed circuit board assembly. This new platform is ideal for a


MV-7 In-Line AOI System

MV-7 In-Line AOI System

New Equipment | Inspection

In-Line AOI Machine (MV-7 Series) is designed to automatically inspect component placement and solder bridge after reflow in SMT line. Overall process improvement is gained when using the SPC feature to track and eliminate defects found on previously

MIRTEC Corporation

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Key Production Indicators

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 18 12:17:30 EDT 2002 | pjc

Machine efficiency is a big one. Placement and auto-insertion machines should have the production rate for a given product recorded in the Routing, Time Standard or Work Instruction. If a given board has a tact time of say 1 minute and you ran 1,000

smt trays

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 04 08:42:26 EST 2005 | scotceltic

Thanks Dave, The reason I want to make one in-house is cost. This is not a standard part and after contacting a couple of vendors ($1,000 plus for first tray) I decided it would be much cheaper to do it in house with our CNC.

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Speedline Speedline Bravo 8105

Speedline Speedline Bravo 8105

Used SMT Equipment | Soldering - Reflow

Configuration: ● edge/mesh ● Dual Air cooling zones ● left to right transfer ● chain oilers ● SMEMA VERSATILE, DURABLE, HIGH-PERFORMANCE REFLOW AT A VERY COMPETITIVE PRICE The Bravo 8105 is a forced convection reflow oven with eight top an

Capital Equipment Exchange

Assembleon OPAL XII Pick & Place

Assembleon OPAL XII Pick & Place

Used SMT Equipment | Pick and Place/Feeders

Details: • Software 1.4 version, 1.24STD R1.000 • Fixed feeder bars – 50/50 • 4 heads • 01 fix tray removable • 2 cameras • Hours 5,761 • Maximum board size (L x W - (18.1" x 17.3") • Minimum board size (L x W) -(2" x 2") • Board thickness -

Lewis & Clark

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Michelle Ogihara Attends CMHA Annual Membership Luncheon

Industry News | 2008-09-25 15:35:23.0

Long Beach, CA � September 2008 � Michelle Ogihara, Sales and Marketing Manager of Seika Machinery, Inc., a leading provider of advanced machinery, materials and engineering services, attended the Children's Memorial Hospital Auxiliary's (CMHA) Annual Membership Luncheon.

Seika Machinery, Inc.


Industry News | 2012-11-16 11:43:59.0

MIRTEC,, announces the completion of an expansion project to its manufacturing facility in Anseong, South Korea.

MIRTEC Corporation

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Yamaha  CL8mm Tape Feeder Parts KW1-M114A-000 00X Hand Lever Assy

Yamaha CL8mm Tape Feeder Parts KW1-M114A-000 00X Hand Lever Assy

Parts & Supplies | Assembly Accessories

Detail Information: 1, Part Name: Hand Lever Assy 2, Part Number: KW1-M114A-000 3, Model: CL8mm 4, Brand: Yamaha Yamaha CL8mm Tape Feeder Parts KW1-M114A-000 00X Hand Lever Assy KW1-M1510-000 Body Assy 1 K87-M112L-100 Sprocket Axis Assy

KingFei SMT Tech

Yamaha YAMAHA FEEDER CL44mm KW1-M6500-015

Yamaha YAMAHA FEEDER CL44mm KW1-M6500-015

Parts & Supplies | Pick and Place/Feeders

YAMAHA FEEDER CL44mm KW1-M6500-015 YAMAHA FEEDER CL44MM Accessories No. Part No. Part Name Q'ty Remarks KW1-M452U-000 SUB LEVER ASSY 1 AS-A24-1116 KW1-M6510-000 BODY ASSY 1 AS-A44-1101 1 SPRING HOOK PIN 1 CTF-A08-211-B-2 2 RACKING LEV

KingFei SMT Tech

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Dam and Fill Encapsulation for Microelectronic Packages

Technical Library | 1999-08-27 09:29:49.0

Contract packaging houses have to contend with a large mix of die types and products. Flexibility and quick turnaround of package types is a must in this industry. Traditional methods of die encapsulation, (i.e., use of transfer-molding techniques), are only cost effective when producing a large number of components. Liquid encapsulants now provide similar levels of reliability1, and are cost effective...


Reliability of Stacked Microvia

Technical Library | 2015-05-14 15:45:45.0

The Printed Circuit Board industry has seen a steady reduction in pitch from 1.0mm to 0.4mm; a segment of the industry is even using or considering a 0.25mm pitch. This has increased the use of stacked microvias in these designs. The process of stacking microvias has been practiced for several years in handheld devices; however, the devices generally do not operate in harsh conditions. Type 1 and Type 2 microvias have been tested over the years and have been found to be very reliable. We do not have enough test data for 3 and 4 stack microvias when placed on and off buried via. The main objective of this study was to understand the reliability of 3 and 4 stack microvias placed on and off a buried via.

Firan Technology Group

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MIRTEC MV-7 In-Line AOI Series Movie

MIRTEC MV-7 In-Line AOI Series Movie


MIRTEC MV-7 Series In-Line Automated Optical Inspection Machine - AOI MIRTEC USA, MIRTEC, MIRTEC Corp

MIRTEC Corporation

MIRTEC MV-9 Series

MIRTEC MV-9 Series


New Produced Introduction Video of MV-9 Series in 2012

MIRTEC Corporation

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mehrdad resume

Career Center | la jolla, California USA | Engineering

More than 18 years experience in AOI. Refer to my resume for more details.

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Clariant Cellulosic Ethanol Donation Lets 1,000 Malagasy Families Cook Safer and Cleaner

Clariant Cargo & Device Protection |

Clariant Cellulosic Ethanol Donation Lets 1,000 Malagasy Families Cook Safer and Cleaner Search Share Region Contact Close Close Search If you are searching for Safety Data Sheets, please visit our

Clariant Cargo & Device Protection

Mylar Polyester Film Type EL-21 750-1400 Gauge

ORION Industries |

, % g/cm3 kV (Min.) 188 (750) 19/21 (27/30) 140/115 1.6/0.9 38 1.3928 17.5 225 (900) 19/20 (27/29) 150/130 1.6/1.1 41 1.3920 18.4 250 (1,000) 19/20 (27/29) 150/140 1.5/1.1 42 1.3925 19.0 350 (1,400) 18/17 (26/25) 170/170 1.3/0.8 46 1.3925 20.0 *MD = Machine Direction, TD

ORION Industries

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