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Belt-Way Scales, Inc.

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OEM of Conveyor belt scales and solid impact flow meters.

Robotics, Inc.

Robotics, Inc.

Industry Directory | Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment

Precision dispensing systems, meter-mix equipment, curing ovens, & contract gasketing services.

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DSP792 HALOGEN Zero, Water-Soluble, Lead Free Solder Paste

New Equipment | Solder Materials

Qualitek's Halogen Zero formulations exceed IEC acceptable industry standards and contain 0% ppm total halogens. DSP792 exhibits excellent print definition. Good release is seen on 12-9 mil apertures. Will perform during continuous printing for u

Qualitek International, Inc.

Conexis CX-3040 Conformal Coating System

Conexis CX-3040 Conformal Coating System

New Equipment | Coating Equipment

The Conexis™ system provides quality and value for all your automated conformal coating process needs Modular platform design allows options to be added as application needs change Up to three applicators can be mounted to support a wide range of


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GSM without side conveyors

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 24 10:07:42 EST 2009 | edwaterfall01

Get two connectors to fit the SMEMA 1 connectors on either end of the machine. Need only two wires on each connector going to momentary contact sw. Input is pins 1 & 2 to switch and output side is pins 3 & 4 to switch. If this doesn't work then ch

Settting up conveyors for a SMT line....

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 12 17:10:02 EST 2003 | Mike G

Most conveyors are sold by the inch. I allow for no more than one inch gap between the end of the conveyor and the next piece of equipment. If you trust your measurements, 1/2 inch is best. This will allow for the smoothest transfer possible of small

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Hexi RFN1020/N

Hexi RFN1020/N

Used SMT Equipment | Soldering - Reflow

HEXI, Lead-Free reflow soldering machine, type RFN1020/N, s.n. 0611018, Left to Right, with 10 heating heads plus cooling head, lenght of heating zones 3365mm,max width of PCB 450 mm, width of conveyor 50 to 450 mm, height of conveyor 920 +/_ 20 mm,

Baja Bid

Samsung SLM120S

Samsung SLM120S

Used SMT Equipment | Pick and Place/Feeders

This SMT pick & place machine is complete and fully operational. The following accessories is also available for sale. [3 ea.] SLM8 SMT Feeders [4 ea.] SLM12 SMT Feeders [6 ea.] SM12 SMT Feeders [2 ea.] SM16 SMT Feeders [2 ea.] SM24 SMT Feede

Baja Bid

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2-Part Mixing is now Volumetric Dispensing!

Industry News | 2017-06-14 10:46:29.0

GPD Global offers uniquely designed 2-part mixing pump to accurately mix and dispense two-part components while eliminating entrapped air.

GPD Global

Nordson ASYMTEK's Helios™ SD-960 Series Automated Dispensing System dispenses medium and bulk volume deposits of single- (1K) and two-component (2K) fluids and supports highly abrasive

Industry News | 2018-03-22 21:11:24.0

Nordson ASYMTEK introduces the new Helios™ SD-960 Series Automated Dispensing System for medium and bulk volume deposits of single- (1K) and two-component (2K) materials in electronics manufacturing and printed circuit board assembly. The Helios system is ideal to deposit volumes greater than 1cc, and line widths and dots that exceed 1mm, but it can deposit volumes down to 0.3cc and line widths as narrow as 0.3mm. The system supports highly abrasive thermal interface materials (TIM), silicones, epoxies, and grease for applications such as potting, sealing, gasketing, and structural adhesives.


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Reinhardt Resistance Tester OHM meter for E Cigarette 510 Thread RDA RBA DIY vaporizer

Reinhardt Resistance Tester OHM meter for E Cigarette 510 Thread RDA RBA DIY vaporizer

Parts & Supplies | SMT Equipment

Resistance Tester OHM meter for E Cigarette 510 Thread RDA RBA DIY vaporizer Specifications: Resistance Range: 0-20ω Voltage Range: 0-6V Power Supply: 2 * 1.5V AA Battery(not included) Item Size: 6.7 * 4.6 * 1.6cm / 2.6 * 1.8 * 0.6in Item Weig

KingFei SMT Tech

Juki JUKI SMT feeder: JUKI CF03HP feeder

Juki JUKI SMT feeder: JUKI CF03HP feeder

Parts & Supplies | Pick and Place/Feeders


KingFei SMT Tech

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Placement Optimisation in a Lean Manufacturing Environment

Technical Library | 2008-02-20 21:42:52.0

Tier 2 and Tier 3 EMS companies face increasing pressure from competition in low-cost manufacturing countries to produce assembled boards at lower cost, with increased complexity and to tighter deadlines. They also face an increasing amount of high-mix, small-to-mediumvolume production runs. Even OEMs find it hard to predict what products they will be manufacturing in three to five years time, driving the need to invest in highly flexible production tools that will cater to their needs over the lifetime of the equipment. This paper examines methodologies for optimising the process, improving stock control and providing greater traceability using lean manufacturing techniques.


Higher Defluxing Temperature and Low Standoff Component Cleaning - A Connection?

Technical Library | 2020-11-04 17:49:45.0

OEMs and CMs designing and building electronic assemblies for high reliability applications are typically faced with a decision to clean or not to clean the assembly. If ionic residues remain on the substrate surface, potential failure mechanisms, including dendritic growth by electrochemical migration reaction and leakage current, may result. These failures have been well documented. If a decision to clean substrates is made, there are numerous cleaning process options available. For defluxing applications, the most common systems are spray-in-air, employing either batch or inline cleaning equipment and an engineered aqueous based cleaning agent. Regardless of the type of cleaning process adopted, effective cleaning of post solder residue requires chemical, thermal and mechanical energies. The chemical energy is derived from the engineered cleaning agent; the thermal energy from the increased temperature of the cleaning agent, and the mechanical energy from the pump system employed within the cleaning equipment. The pump system, which includes spray pressure, spray bar configuration and nozzle selection, is optimized for the specific process to create an efficient cleaning system. As board density has increased and component standoff heights have decreased, cleaning processes are steadily challenged. Over time, cleaning agent formulations have advanced to match new solder paste developments, spray system configurations have improved, and wash temperatures (thermal energy) have been limited to a maximum of 160ºF. In most cases, this is due to thermal limitations of the materials used to build the polymer-based cleaning equipment. Building equipment out of stainless steel is an option, but one that may be cost prohibitive. Given the maximum allowable wash temperature, difficult cleaning applications are met by increasing the wash exposure time; including reducing the conveyor speed of inline cleaners or extending wash time in batch cleaners. Although this yields effective cleaning results, process productivity may be compromised. However, high temperature resistant polymer materials, capable of withstanding a 180°F wash temperature, are now available and can be used in cleaning equipment builds. For this study, the authors explored the potential for increasing cleaning process efficiency as a result of an increase in thermal energy due to the use of higher wash temperature. The cleaning equipment selected was an inline cleaner built with high temperature resistant polymer material. For the analysis, standard substrates were used. These were populated with numerous low standoff chip cap components and soldered with both no-clean tin-lead and lead-free solder pastes. Two aqueous based cleaning agents were selected, and multiple wash temperatures and wash exposure times were evaluated. Cleanliness assessments were made through visual analysis of under-component inspection, as well as localized extraction and Ion Chromatography in accordance with current IPC standards.

ZESTRON Americas

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DEKTEC DN-400 lead free wave solder with less than 100 hours of use. Available from the Capital Equipment Exchange.

Capital Equipment Exchange

ERSA Versaflow 4050 selective solder

ERSA Versaflow 4050 selective solder


Dual module programmable point to point selective soldering system for best in class speed and flexibility. Available used and fully functional from the Capital Equipment Exchange.

Capital Equipment Exchange

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Equipment Engineer\B Tech (EC)\7.5+ Years Ex

Career Center | Dargaha Road Zameen Pallavaram Chennai, Tamilnadu India | Maintenance,Technical Support

CURRENT JOB: • Responsible for four sub department as Production support, Preventive maintenance activity, Spare parts control and NPI (New product Introduction) under one Equipment department. • Take care of OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency), MTTR

An outstanding professional

Career Center | Fort Mill, South Carolina USA | Engineering,Maintenance,Research and Development

Have serviced AMF pinspotters both mechanical and electrical sides; included repair of chassis pc boards to component level. 20 years in this field. Have worked in PCB manufacture  with old style board populators and Panasert robots Worked in H

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Conveyors SMT & PCB Equipment - PC Board Handling & Conveyors JOT 1.5 Meter Edge Rail Conveyor JOT 62 inch Edge Rail Conveyor JOT 59 inch Edge Rail Conveyor PCT 60 inch Flat Belt Conveyor PCT 60 inch Flat Rail Conveyor Nutek PCB Edge Rail Conveyor Full Information

1st Place Machinery Inc.

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