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resistor and capacitor naming codes for smt.

Electronics Forum | Sun Sep 27 10:42:35 EDT 1998 | l atch

I'm looking for a chart that will help me identify smt resistors and capacitors. I have figured out a few on my own. a resistor with the numbers 510 printed on it was a 51 ohm resistor. numbers 221 was a 220 ohm resistor. numbers 102 was a 1k resis

Starting point 7 zone oven profile for lead free - 2 layer simple board, but high mass electrolytics

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 17 17:57:13 EDT 2014 | proy

Hello We use a 5 zone conceptronics HVN70 and never before have we had something we could not do including 6 layers Rohs complicated boards. Recently we had a larger - simple 2 layer board - all 1206's etc however there are 15 pcs of a LARGE high m

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8bit Microcontrollers Equipped with Industry-Leading High-Accuracy Oscillator Circuit

Industry News | 2013-09-11 10:43:09.0

LAPIS Semiconductor, a ROHM Group Company, has recently developed 8-bit microcontrollers equipped with an oscillator circuit that provides more than twice the accuracy compared with previous models.

ROHM Semiconductor, USA

New Yorker Electronics Releases Gowanda Electronics' Expanded Broadband Conical Line

Industry News | 2021-02-03 09:05:21.0

New Gowanda Broadband Conical Configurations Designed to Enhance Utility in Electronics Design

New Yorker Electronics

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Yamaha KV7-M8171-00X plate spring Surface Mount Parts use for Smt Chip mounter copy new

Yamaha KV7-M8171-00X plate spring Surface Mount Parts use for Smt Chip mounter copy new

Parts & Supplies | Component Packaging

KV7-M8171-00X plate spring use for Smt Chip mounter copy new KV7-M811S-A0X SPLINE SHAFT SPARE KV7-M8106-00X SHAFT SPLINE KV7-M8108-00X GUIDE SPRING 2 KV7-M8109-01X STOPPER, SHAFT 1 2 KV7-M8110-00X STOPPER, SHAFT 2 2 KV7-M8149-00X PLATE,

KingFei SMT Tech

Panasonic LED Surface Mount Parts Touch Panel N610015978AA MONITOR FP-VM-10-SO For Panasonic CM402

Panasonic LED Surface Mount Parts Touch Panel N610015978AA MONITOR FP-VM-10-SO For Panasonic CM402

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Touch Panel N610015978AA MONITOR FP-VM-10-SO for Panasonic CM402 Machine N510011555AA N610015978AA MONITOR(Touch Panel) FP-VM-10-SO N510001654AA MONITOR FP-VM-6-MO Touch Panel N610015977AA/KXFK0016A02/KXFP63EAA00/N510001654AA/N510011554AA/N61

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Brand new and original

Brand new and original


Sales manager: Mac Xie Mobile: +8618020714662(Whatsapp) Email: Skype: +8618020714662 Product     Detail The 0-60031-4 is a Reliance I/O 14 Bit Resistor Module by Reliance Electric. The front panel of this circuit board has a se

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SMT Express, Volume 4, Issue No. 6 - from

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