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Re: Min Hole/Pad distance to edge of PCB

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 14 21:22:41 EST 2000 | Dave F

Bingo!!! By panelizing and adding breakaway rails (as Nancy says), Stuart can pour copper up to his board fab's tolerance from the board edge. Traditionally, he just wants to make sure no copper shows on the edge of the board. Then again, it's his

How to calculate the ROI

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 26 19:59:08 EDT 2001 | davef

They always tell you to calculate ROI, when they want to blow you off. Do a net search using - calculate ROI. Links to three pretty good descriptions on this are: http://www.dmreview.com/editorial/dmreview/print_action.cfm?EdID=2487 http://www.eval


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