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BizEsp Ltd.

BizEsp Ltd.

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The company is currently in liquidation.

Dataman Programmers Ltd

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Dataman have over 20 years experience of manufacturing and supporting microchip programming equipment. We are responsible for the best-selling S4 handheld programmer/emulator.

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NC600 Lead-Free, No-Clean Solder Wire

NC600 Lead-Free, No-Clean Solder Wire

New Equipment | Solder Materials

Qualitek has developed a unique no clean flux system designed specifically for high temperature lead free alloys. Utilizing synthetically refined resin and very effective activator, NC600 wets and spreads like an RA type. NC600 exhibits virtually no

Qualitek International, Inc.

WS700 Lead Free Water Soluble (OA) Solder Wire

WS700 Lead Free Water Soluble (OA) Solder Wire

New Equipment | Solder Materials

Lead free water-soluble wire solder. Provides the fluxing activity levels that promote fast wetting action and maximum wetting spread. WS700 exhibits virtually no spattering. WS700 conforms to J-STD-004, ORH1. Main Features Excellent wettability

Qualitek International, Inc.

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Acceptance Criteria Ion Chromatography testing?

Electronics Forum | Thu May 31 21:45:48 EDT 2012 | davef

rsthompson ... if you're talking about bare boards IPC-5701, Users Guide for Cleanliness of Unpopulated PBC, Table 8 Bare board final surface finish Ions Hot air solder level OSP over copper Gold over nickel Chloride 0.75 ug/cm^2 0.75 ug/cm^2

smt sizes

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 03 09:10:46 EST 2005 | russ

That would be a 2012 (2.0mm x 1.2mm) in accordance with standardized naming convention.

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Nordson ASYMTEK to Introduce Broad Spectrum of Solutions at Productronica 2017

Industry News | 2017-11-08 15:17:48.0

Nordson ASYMTEK will introduce a powerful array of new products, technologies, and solutions for conformal coating and automated fluid dispensing at Productronica 2017 in Hall A2, stand 345.


Seika Machinery Introduces Updates to Popular Malcom and Unitech Process Control Systems

Industry News | 2018-08-09 12:24:23.0

Seika Machinery is pleased to announce that it carries six new process control devices from MALCOM and UNITECH. These include: SPS series paste mixers, viscometers, wetting balance testers, profilers / camera systems, reflow simulators and PCB board cleaners.

Seika Machinery, Inc.

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I-Pulse  K05 Nozzle Size Ø3.0 / Ø2.0 For FV7100 Machine Black Material

I-Pulse K05 Nozzle Size Ø3.0 / Ø2.0 For FV7100 Machine Black Material

Parts & Supplies | Assembly Accessories

Detailed Product Description Brand: Ipulse Part Name: Nozzle Model: K05 Size: ø3.0 / ø2.0 Machine Model: FV7100 Origin: China Ipulse K05 Nozzle Size ø3.0 / ø2.0 For FV7100 Machine Black Material Description: 1, Part Name: Nozzle 2, Model:

KingFei SMT Tech

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Fluid Flow Mechanics Key To Low Standoff Cleaning

Technical Library | 2009-09-18 14:42:37.0

In recent years, various studies have been issued on cleaning under low standoff components; most however, with incomplete information. It is essential to revisit and describe the latest challenges in the market, identifying obvious gaps in available information. Such information is crucial for potential and existing users to fully address the cleanliness levels under their respective components. With the emergence of lead-free soldering and even smaller components, new challenges have arisen including cleaning in gaps of less than 1-mil.

ZESTRON Americas

Reflow Soldering Processes and Troubleshooting: SMT, BGA, CSP and Flip Chip Technologies

Technical Library | 2021-01-03 19:24:52.0

Reflow soldering is the primary method for interconnecting surface mount technology (SMT) applications. Successful implementation of this process depends on whether a low defect rate can be achieved. In general, defects often can be attributed to causes rooted in all three aspects, including materials, processes, and designs. Troubleshooting of reflow soldering requires identification and elimination of root causes. Where correcting these causes may be beyond the reach of manufacturers, further optimizing the other relevant factors becomes the next best option in order to minimize the defect rate.


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MIRTEC MS-15 (Korean)

MIRTEC MS-15 (Korean)


????? MS-15 ??? ?? ??

MIRTEC Corporation

MIRTEC MV-9 Series

MIRTEC MV-9 Series


New Produced Introduction Video of MV-9 Series in 2012

MIRTEC Corporation

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Online IPC-A-610 Trainer (CIT) Training & Certification

Training Courses | ONLINE | | IPC-A-610 Trainer (CIT)

The Certified IPC-A-610 Trainer (CIT) courses recognize individuals as qualified trainers in the area of quality assurance of electrical and electronic assemblies and prepares them to deliver Certified IPC-A-610 (CIS) training.

Blackfox Training Institute, LLC

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Control of Signal Integrity and Crosstalk with Richard Hartley

Events Calendar | Tue Apr 19 08:30:00 EDT 2016 - Tue Apr 19 17:00:00 EDT 2016 | Kista, Sweden

Control of Signal Integrity and Crosstalk with Richard Hartley

Azitech ApS

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SMT programming

Career Center | garaden grove, California USA | Engineering,Management,Production,Quality Control,Technical Support

11 years experience in SMT process.

An Experienced Project Manager and Product Manager

Career Center | Toronto, Ontario Canada | Engineering,Production,Purchasing,Sales/Marketing

A dedicated professional with 17+ years of experience in product management, marketing, project management, engineering and manufacturing. Demonstrated ability to interact with customers and manage cross-functional teams to drive business growth. 4+

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Auswahlhilfe für Wärmeleitpasten - Nordson EFD

Nordson ASYMTEK |

: 25 °C, 1000 Hz 0.0029 0.0032 0.0022 0.0022 k. A. k. A. k. A. 0.0027 k. A. 0.0019 Volumenwiderstand: Ohm-cm 1,65 x 10^14 1,0 x 10^13 2,0 x 10^15 2,0 x 10^15 Überstrom Überstrom Überstrom 2,15 x 10^15 Überstrom 7,28 x 10^13 Betriebstemperatur


Momentum® II 100 Drucksystem - MPM Printers - ITW EAE


2,0 mit einer Nassdruckgenauigkeit von ±17 μm @ 6 Sigma, Cpk ≥2,0. Engere Leistungstoleranzen bedeuten höhere Wiederholbarkeit mit weniger Defekten

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