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PHILIPS SMT NOZZLE Part Number (OEM) Description NAFCM1 PHILIPS SMT NOZZLE 0.88mmX0.50mm(CUSTOM) 946602747001 0.95mm×0.55mm(PA2747/00) 946602747201 1.3mm×0.88mm(PA2747/20) PHILIPS ASSEMBLEON GEM TOPAZ-X SMT NOZZLE Part Number (OEM)

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Sony Feeder cart for SMT assembly line,2 layers available

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Sony Feeder cart for SMT assembly line,2 layers available Home About Us Products Solder paste mixer PCB loader&unloader SMT stencil printer PCB Link Conveyor SMT Reflow oven PCB Conformal Coating machine PCB and lead cutter SMD Chip counter SMD taping machine SMT Feeder Calibrator SMT Feeder Trolley PCB

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Philips Comet

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Philips Comet   Philips Comet II Pick and Place Machine Package Model Comet II Year:  1997 Including (4) Fast Carts (10) Feeders 8mm feeders (2

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