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emerson drive

emerson drive

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Emerson Emerson Emerson Emerson 6180-4503 DSI KEYPAD 996-87 ES200RG CTRL BD 6180-4507 AC INTERFACE BD A916-1232A-H ES150 DC DRIVE 6180-4511 DSI PG AS250 3/4HP ADJ FREQ AC DRIVE 6180-6101 KEYPAD AS255 1HP ADJ FREQ AC DRIVE 6180-6143 KEYPAD GLASS

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smt zener color codes

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 22 14:20:25 EDT 2005 | mmjm_1099

PCB cosmetic reject after reflow

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 08 20:25:39 EDT 2005 | plcc

Hi Davef, I'm suspecting that too! The recipe we are using is the optimum for good soldering results. I'm checking with our supplier on the type of pcb material. Do you know the recommended material for pcb undergoing reflow, under ROsH condition?

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Effect of Cu–Sn intermetallic Compound Reactions on the Kirkendall Void Growth Characteristics in Cu/Sn/Cu Microbumps

Technical Library | 2014-07-02 16:46:09.0

Growth behaviors of intermetallic compounds (IMCs) and Kirkendall voids in Cu/Sn/Cu microbump were systematically investigated by an in-situ scanning electron microscope observation. Cu–Sn IMC total thickness increased linearly with the square root of the annealing time for 600 h at 150°C, which could be separated as first and second IMC growth steps. Our results showed that the growth behavior of the first void matched the growth behavior of second Cu6Sn5, and that the growth behavior of the second void matched that of the second Cu3Sn. It could be confirmed that double-layer Kirkendall voids growth kinetics were closely related to the Cu–Sn IMC growth mechanism in the Cu/Sn/Cu microbump, which could seriously deteriorate the mechanical and electrical reliabilities of the fine-pitch microbump systems

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Effect of Reflow Profile on SnPb and SnAgCu Solder Joint Shear Force

Technical Library | 2007-03-08 19:31:10.0

Reflow profile has significant impact on solder joint performance because it influences wetting and microstructure of the solder joint. The degree of wetting, the microstructure (in particular the intermetallic layer), and the inherent strength of the solder all factor into the reliability of the solder joint. This paper presents experimental results on the effect of reflow profile on both 63%Sn 37%Pb (SnPb) and 96.5%Sn 3.0%Ag 0.5%Cu (SAC 305) solder joint shear force.

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SDS No: 285-25 SAFETY DATA SHEET Date Issued : 08/13/2003 SDS No : 285-25 Date Revised : 05/27/2020 Revision No : 10 Qualitek® 285-25 Rosin Mildly Activated Flux 1

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