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Yamaha YAMAHA YV100II KM1-M665H-00X

Yamaha YAMAHA YV100II KM1-M665H-00X

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SMT equipment and accessories If you need anything You can send inquiry directly to m/p:+86-15915451009 WhatsApp:+8615915451009 skype :smtdwx Regards Mandy 1. Our company deals SMT e


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PANASERT / UNIVERSAL / DYNAPERT PARTS FOR SALE N434UQ04041 Tube BLKE01252 FUSE 5A 40833025 FUSE 1.5A 42453904 FUSE 5A 42453907 FUSE 1A 46347803 Relay 40525301 SHOCK ABSORBER KXF0DSSAA00 46849802 SENSOR 46347803 RELAY 47323702 PROX SWITCH PNP N

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Polyphenylene Ether Macromonomers. XI. Use in Non-Epoxy Printed Wiring Boards

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First published in the 2012 IPC APEX EXPO technical conference proceedings. The continuous progression toward portable, high frequency microelectronic systems has placed high demands on material performance, notably low dielectric constants (Dk), low loss tangent (Df), low moisture uptake, and good thermal stability. Epoxy resins are the workhorses of the electronic industry. Significant performance enhancements have been obtained through the use of PPE telechelic macromonomers with epoxy resins. However, there is a ceiling on the performance obtainable from epoxy-based resins. Therefore, non-epoxy based dielectric materials are used to fulfill the need for higher performance.


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Outstanding liquid dispensing and UV curing, all within one platform, watch the video.
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Easily dispense fine pitch components with ±25µm positioning accuracy.