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Shenzhen ETA Technology Co., Ltd

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I.C.T is the world's leading provider of SMT factory planning solutions, providing SMT Machine, More than 25 years of experience.

New SMT Equipment: 2020 2020 (60899)

Dual Lane / Dual Temperature SMT Reflow Oven - 1910 MK5

Dual Lane / Dual Temperature SMT Reflow Oven - 1910 MK5

New Equipment | Reflow

Dual Chamber Module - Dual Chambers + Dual Blowers + Dual Heaters + Dual T/Cs. Bifurcated (Dual) chamber reflow oven allows 2 different thermal profiles to run simultaneously in the same reflow oven foot print Improved temperature uniformity acro

Heller Industries Inc.

Vertical Curing Mini Oven - Heller 755

Vertical Curing Mini Oven - Heller 755

New Equipment | Curing Equipment

The mini vertical oven has a cycle time of 25 - 60 seconds per 150mm fixture, 4mm Edge Hold Pins and Guides. PCBs up to 250mm wide can be processed. Dual Feed option for high throughoutput. In-line, vertical automation of the epoxy cure process prod

Heller Industries Inc.

Electronics Forum: 2020 2020 (1861)

Opti Print 2020 paste printer

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 18 08:08:19 EDT 2007 | chrisatae

We're looking for a high mix low volume paste printer. What are the Pro's and con's of the Opti Print 2020? I looked at the spec sheet and it looks like it will do what we need but usually there are issues during setup and operation. Any info would

ESD checklist

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 13 21:13:55 EST 2005 | davef

We know nothing of your checklist. Download your free copy of ANSI/ESD 20.20 standard here:

Used SMT Equipment: 2020 2020 (926)

Fuji SE Conveyor

Fuji SE Conveyor

Used SMT Equipment | Conveyors

Serial: 93FB0455 Dimensions: 40" x 22" x 38"

Baja Bid

Mydata MY100DX-14

Mydata MY100DX-14

Used SMT Equipment | Pick and Place/Feeders

This machine is being sold in the Baja Bid August 20-26 Online Auction. Please click here for more details.

Baja Bid

Industry News: 2020 2020 (806)

Soldering Company of the Year 2020 - Heller Industries

Industry News | 2020-11-03 18:16:39.0

2020 Global Surface Mount Technology Company Of The Year Award (Soldering Equipment)

Heller Industries Inc.

Heller Industries Commended by Frost & Sullivan for Delivering Unmatched Customer Value through Its Reflow Soldering Technology

Industry News | 2019-12-09 14:44:26.0

The SMT Reflow Soldering Equipment (Global) award was awarded to Heller Industries by Frost & Sullivan.

Heller Industries Inc.

Parts & Supplies: 2020 2020 (12398)

Mydata 8 - 4.0mm

Parts & Supplies | Pick and Place/Feeders

Make: Mydata Model: 8 - 4.0mm Part Number: L-014-1320 Description: Agilis Feeder New in the box

Baja Bid

Juki 2020 FILTER E3052729000

Parts & Supplies | Other Equipment

We specialized in providing many kinds of electronic components that use for JUKI SMT machines. Now we have a plenty of filters in stock which are original new products with the most competitive price. Welcome to contact us in your free time if you h

KingFei SMT Tech

Technical Library: 2020 2020 (112)

Key Advances in Void Reduction in the Reflow Process Using Multi-Stage Controlled Vacuum

Technical Library | 2020-01-28 00:23:58.0

This paper explores new advances in the reflow soldering process including vacuum technology and warpage mitigation systems. The first topic for discussion will be the implementation of a vacuum process directly in a conventional inline soldering system. The second topic presented is the mitigation of warpage on substrates or wafers.

Heller Industries Inc.

IPC Apex Expo 2020 Remarks

Technical Library | 2020-03-12 14:14:07.0

IPC's APEX EXPO is always exciting & always fun and, most importantly, always beneficial to those who exhibit and attend. From technical conferences to standards committees to new and exciting things on the show floor - APEX 2020 was indeed a success


Videos: 2020 2020 (24)

The Impact of Multiple Thermal Cycle on the Cleaning Process

The Impact of Multiple Thermal Cycle on the Cleaning Process


Please join ZESTRON Academy as we thoroughly examine the impact of multiple thermal cycles on the effectiveness of the PCB cleaning process. Today, multiple thermal cycles may be required for a variety of reasons in the production of printed circuit

ZESTRON Americas

Jet Printing Solder Paste and Cleaning Challenges

Jet Printing Solder Paste and Cleaning Challenges


Manufacturers in today’s production environment are overcoming printing challenges by incorporating jet printing as an additional add-on step to add extra solder paste volume when needed. With that comes cleaning challenges, as jet printed solder pas

ZESTRON Americas

Training Courses: 2020 2020 (202)

Online IPC-A-610 Trainer (CIT) Training & Certification

Training Courses | ONLINE | | IPC-A-610 Trainer (CIT)

The Certified IPC-A-610 Trainer (CIT) courses recognize individuals as qualified trainers in the area of quality assurance of electrical and electronic assemblies and prepares them to deliver Certified IPC-A-610 (CIS) training.

Blackfox Training Institute, LLC

IPC/WHMA-A-620 Specialist (CIS) Certification Training Course

Training Courses | | | IPC/WHMA-A-620 Specialist (CIS)

The Certified IPC/WHMA-A-620 Specialist (CIS) training focuses on cable and wire harness fabrication and installation.

Blackfox Training Institute, LLC

Events Calendar: 2020 2020 (77)

Surface Cleanliness Assessment

Events Calendar | Thu Jul 23 00:00:00 EDT 2020 - Thu Jul 23 00:00:00 EDT 2020 | ,

Surface Cleanliness Assessment

ZESTRON Americas

Cleaning Before Conformal Coating

Events Calendar | Thu Apr 23 00:00:00 EDT 2020 - Thu Apr 23 00:00:00 EDT 2020 | ,

Cleaning Before Conformal Coating

ZESTRON Americas

Career Center - Resumes: 2020 2020 (14)

Sander Sarah Laboratory

Career Center | zurich, Arizona Switzerland | Accounting/Finance,Production,Sales/Marketing,Technical Support

We supply all materials used in treating and cleaning of any type of defaced currency, Egyptian Pounds, CFA France, Euros, Dollars and other currencies. All Interested request should be forwarded to the email below. Contact Sander Sarah Laboratory

Travel guide

Career Center | Marrakesh, Morocco | Sales/Marketing

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, 2021 SELECTED>December 31, 2020 SEL

SMTnet Express - Octomer 29, 2020

SMTnet Express, Octomer 29, 2020, Subscribers: 28,069, Companies: 11,166, Users: 26,207 Solder Joint Reliability of Pb-free Sn-Ag-Cu Ball Grid Array (BGA) Components in Sn-Pb Assembly Process Credits: Sanmina-SCI For companies

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Fakuma 2020

ASYMTEK Products | Nordson Electronics Solutions |

Fakuma 2020 Polymer Processing Systems                               BKG - EDI - Xaloy Corporate | Globales Verzeichnis | Sprachen Nur Sparte Alles von Nordson Home Produkte Anwendungen Blasformen Blasfolie

ASYMTEK Products | Nordson Electronics Solutions

2020 – IslandSMT

IslandSMT |

2020 – IslandSMT Skip to content Island's Quality IslandSMT Your Service Destination For SMT Parts, Service, Testing & Repair 813-880-8262 sales


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High Precision Fluid Dispensers
Pillarhouse USA for handload Selective Soldering Needs

Nozzles, Feeders, Spare Parts - Siemens, Fuji, Juki, Yamaha, etc...
Inline Cleaning Machine Hydro-clean Array

World Source Equipment: Used equipment sale. Hundreds of items on sale.
Dispenser Pumps

Benchtop Fluid Dispenser