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Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 01 12:29:53 EST 2007 | rgirouard

Thanks for your participation and suggestion. We are looking into adding this feature in the near future. Roland Roland Girouard www.SMTnet.com 207-780-0887

Need an SRT 1100

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 06 11:33:47 EST 2007 | mainenetservices

BillyD, Remember, all Equipment Mart postings (wanted and for sale) are free. Our Equipment Mart site is ranked #1 by Google. Thanks, Dennis @ SMTnet PS: If you have any problems, give me a call at 207-780-0887.

Asahi Viromet Lead Free Paste

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 01 19:27:48 EST 2007 | Wayne

Yes, I am currently using Viromet 347 at the moment for my SMT lines. 100-150, 35 sec 150-207, 40 sec 207-above, 80 sec peak temp: 225 deg C. It is compatible to SAC paste in term of solderability and wettability. But in term of mechanical property (

Coating Systems

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 17 09:25:56 EDT 2007 | davef

Suppliers are: * Asymtek; 2762 Loker Ave West, Carlsbad, CA 92010; 800-279-6835 760-431-1919 F760-431-2678 asymtek.com * Ultrasonic Systems; 135 Ward Hill Ave, Haverhill, MA 01835; 978-521-0095 F978-521-7023 ultraspray.com sales@ultraspray.com Stepha

VIP98N settings

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 07 02:10:26 EST 2007 | mpolak

Hi, Could you guys verify my BTU VIP98N oven settings for lead free process. At the moment as my standard profile im using these settings 140 160 180 207 205 220 257 same temps for bottom and speed 50cm/min. Has anyone got same oven and could

Author authentic

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 21 12:20:29 EDT 2007 | rgirouard

Thanks for your input! Your ideas always help. The plan is to remove Captcha as part of the posting process for those members who have participated frequently. This will be in place next week. BTW, Dave can you give me any more info on Captcha no

via under a smd pad ?

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 23 16:32:05 EST 2007 | davef

There a several things you can do to prevent the solder wicking down the hole with the current design, and that's where you should focus. Cost goes up as you go down the list, but in neither case do you need to respin the board, have solder starvatio


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