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Nozzle 1.3 for Fuji NXT H08/H12/V12 head

Nozzle 1.3 for Fuji NXT H08/H12/V12 head

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NXT Nozzle 1.3, Fuji NXT H08/H12/V12 head nozzle Dia. 1.3mm, R07-013-070, Part number: AA20A00.


Mitsubishi PLC parts

Mitsubishi PLC parts

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A1S-33B A1S-35B A1S-35BE A1S-38B A1S-38BE A1S-52B A1S52B-S1 A1S-58B-S1 A1S-61P A1S61PEU A1S-61PN A1S-62DA A1S-62P A1S-62PN A1S-62RD3 A1S-63ADA A1S-63P A1S-64AD A1S64TCTTS1 A1S-65B-S1 A1S-68AD A1S-68B-S1 A1S68DA1 A1S-68DAI A1S-68DAV A1SC01B A1S-C03B A

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What is the QFN or Device Voiding Levels Needed for Automotive Industry for Power Devices for Electric Vehicles?

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 15 09:53:58 EDT 2017 | rob

Hi Etimov, Understood that to us assembling parts that IPC is king, however it isn't neccesarily the bible for design engineers. We've had customers demand almost zero voiding, or had to use conductive epoxy to avoid it. For some of us solder joi

Just wondering have anyone tried to build two/three same boards in parallel of one SMT line...

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 08 07:41:12 EST 2020 | pekingkiwi

I have a typical SMT line setup with three machines, two Yamaha YS24s, and one YSM20. A simple board with only three components, four placements, but a large order quantity. At the moment, the line is only using one machine to place all the parts wit

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Yamaha YV100XE   KV8-500

Yamaha YV100XE KV8-500

Used SMT Equipment | Adhesive Dispensers

YAMAHA placement machine YV100X type substrate size: 1, M-Type: L460 * W335 ~ L50xW50mm / t = 0.4 ~ 3.0mm 2, L-Type: L460 * W440 ~ L50xW50mm / t = 0.4 ~ 3.0mm 3, ※ATS20A use: L460*W250~L50xW50mm Second, YAMAHA placement machine YV100X productio

Qinyi Electronics Co.,Ltd

Tyco SEP 3T

Tyco SEP 3T

Used SMT Equipment | General Purpose Equipment

Year 2008 - Like New Condition Tyco SEP 3T Shuttle Electric Press Standalone electric press for the application of PCBs onto compliant pin housings or connectors • Servo electric press with shuttle system for product location under press ram • Ho

1st Place Machinery Inc.

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Yamaha's YRM20 High Efficiency Mounter Achieves up to 115,000CPH

Industry News | 2022-04-28 14:12:06.0

The new YRM20, a premium high-efficiency, high speed modular mounter from Yamaha Motor Intelligent Machinery (IM), features an exceptionally High-Speed Rotary (RM) head) that achieves up to 115,000 Components Per Hour (CPH). It boosts high speed mount capability for the complete range of typical SMT devices, without the need to select several placement heads to cover the range of components being placed.

Yamaha Motor IM America, Inc.

Juki Automation Systems Announces Growth in Mexico

Industry News | 2018-05-03 21:03:30.0

Juki Automation Systems is pleased to announce that it has seen tremendous growth in Mexico since Rene López joined the company in 2015. Mexico continues to lead electronic manufacturing growth in Latin America and is well-positioned globally as an exporter and assembler of electronics.

Juki Automation Systems

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Panasert ai parts1041320015

Panasert ai parts1041320015

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Panasert ai parts1041320015 1.Product name: parts 2.Original: China 3.Model No.:1041320015 4.Brand Name:panasert This company specialized production, PANASERT(AJ.AVB.AVF.AVG.AV.AVK.AVK2 RT.JV.J , VK.JVK3.RH.RH3.RH6.RHS .RHS2B .RG131.RL131).

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Panasonic Panasonic AI PARTS 108381101501

Panasonic Panasonic AI PARTS 108381101501

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Panasonic AI PARTS 108381101501 Copy new and original new ,welcome to contact us,thanks! 1020312231 1020315001 1020315002 1020707088 1020719803 1020720094 1020723200 1020729007 1020729007 1020729013 1020729018 1020730015 1020731002 10

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03056628S01 6-segm. star compl. DLM3    03056683-01 spring 1.8x10.2x62.7  (D-234B) (black)    03057320-01 Nozzle type 905 cpl. ESD / 1x0,15    03057572S01 Axis Unit A364    03057620-01 Components Table Lock 1/3    03057703-01 HOLDER SICK BC-READ

Qinyi Electronics Co.,Ltd

Siemens Slider 03020303-01


03057703-01 HOLDER SICK BC-READER 03057927-01 AXIAL BLOWER 03057953S01 Pick-Up Window 01005 03058049S01 Drive assy, 01005 03058420S02 TURRET HEAD C+P20A/WITHOUT CAMERA 03058627S04 DP-DRIVE/C+P20i 03058631S03 Z-DRIVE COMPL. / C+P20A 03058643-01

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AS32 5R020 - Ametherm - Free Library Parts

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AS32 5R020 - Ametherm - Free Library Parts   LOGIN   Downloads About Footprint Expert Parts Forum Distributors Sales & Support About Us News History Altium Designer CircuitStudio P-CAD Allegro OrCAD Layout OrCAD PCB Board Station PADS Standard PADS Professional Xpedition VX CADSTAR CR-5000 / 8000 eCADSTAR 3D STEP

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