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ENIG PCB date code 2012

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 13 06:02:08 EDT 2015 | piyakorn

Hi All Some our customer has a new order but has been stopped long time ago (2012) which ENIG PCB in our raw material stock that are date code xx12 (still be vacuum sealed with silica gel) so,Will there be any risk or not? Help me please. Than

ENIG PCB date code 2012

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 24 16:33:45 EDT 2015 | cnotebaert

You should be fine! best practice for a situation like this would be to run a solder sample, either flux it and run through wave, or screen print, don't place parts and run through reflow. look for proper wetting characteristics if you see de-wetting

Juki 3020

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 10 14:33:46 EDT 2015 | agteckco

I just have something you want, I just bought in 10 sets form Taiwan, I wonder if your company have any firm offer with Juki 3020vl 2012 machine? If it is possible very please let me know if you have the interest also please left your contacting

Nitrogen used in selective soldering

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 24 02:10:42 EST 2015 | comatose

Liquid is significantly cheaper than compressed gas tanks if you are in continuous production. Of course, it will eat your lunch if you're running things for a few days, then the machine sits idle for two weeks. It boils off whether you use it or n

Regarding choosing of correct SMD Capacitor for PCB Assembly

Electronics Forum | Fri May 08 23:28:28 EDT 2015 | alphatronique

Hi dont play whit cap substitute ,you may screw up the whole design ,many ceramic decoupling cap was sensitive to applied voltage and temperature specially true for X5R and Y5V type. so a 4V cap may have right capacity at 3.3V but a 6 volt cap

pad cratering

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 01 04:54:28 EDT 2015 | jvercamm

hi, the last post on pad cratering dates from 2012. We have (likely similar) problems with a RoHS 783 solder ball BGA size 29x29mm^2 (organic package BT), pitch is 1mm and solder ball diam is 0.5mm the field failure is after 12 months, almost exclu

Use of Stored PCB

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 23 00:12:55 EDT 2012 | posinpcbfactory

J-STD-003B prescribes test methods, defect > definitions and illustrations for assessing the > solderability of printed board surface > conductors, attachment lands, and plated-through > holes utilizing either tin/lead or lead-free > solders. Th


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