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Pickering Interfaces Introduces New Versatile High-Density PXI Solid State Multiplexer

Industry News | 2015-08-13 11:24:16.0

Pickering Interfaces has introduced a new Versatile High-Density PXI Solid State Multiplexer. This new PXI Solid State Multiplexer (model 40-681) features a wide range of selectable switching configurations and the versatility of its architecture allows all multiplexer banks to be inter-linked and common connections used as extra signal inputs programmatically.

Pickering Interfaces Ltd.

Productronica will see the Launch of New Switching Solutions from Pickering Interfaces

Industry News | 2015-09-21 20:09:59.0

Pickering Interfaces will be showcasing their latest PXI, PCI & LXI switching and simulation solutions at Productronica, Munich, Germany - November 10-13.

Pickering Interfaces Ltd.