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Savia Limited

Savia Limited

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China based manufacturer looking to buy SMT Machines for own consumption.

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General Electric Multilin 750-P5-G5-S5-HI-A1-R-E  Feeder Management Relay

General Electric Multilin 750-P5-G5-S5-HI-A1-R-E Feeder Management Relay

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Sales Manager: Sandy Lin Email: Skype:onlywnn_1  Mobile(Whatsapp): (+86)-18020776786 ​​​ Yuehang:  Shipping Term : TNT,DHL,FEDEX,ETC Payment Term : T/T Warranty: 12 month yuehang supply: New+original+factory sealed+high quality


HITACHI HDS7000 Big Discount

HITACHI HDS7000 Big Discount

New Equipment | Industrial Automation

Contact: Nancy Lin Skype:onlywnn_1 Telegram:+8618020776786 Mobile(Whatsapp): (+86)-18020776786 QQ :2851195456 Control Systems (DCS, PLC/SPS, CNC) - Panel Controllers - HMI and Display Panels - Industrial PC’s - Drives (

Amikon Automation Equipment Co., LTD

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Re: 0201 components

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 24 20:47:27 EST 2000 | Todd Woods

The camera is important. I found the only machine, granted this was a year ago, capable enough for volume production, was the KME CM-88. Our test had 1 mispicked device of 5,000,000 attemps and 0 misplacements.

digital video comparators

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 10 08:45:12 EDT 2001 | stefwitt

There are several low cost vision systems ( under $ 5,000) on the market:" ,Keyence, Texas Instruments, Imagenation. If they can capture the image in one shot ( comparing with one good board ) depends on the camera resolutio

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Ersa ECO Select 350

Ersa ECO Select 350

Used SMT Equipment | Soldering - Selective

• Less then 100 hours • Stand-alone Machine • 2 Spray Nozzles/Programable • Dual Solder pots / Dual Heads – Loaded with SAC305 • Heads can run 4 different assembles  • Pot level detection / Upgraded self-feeder • Automatic solder refill / Autom

Lewis & Clark

Assembleon Emerald  with LCS

Assembleon Emerald with LCS

Used SMT Equipment | Pick and Place/Feeders

The Emerald-X is a fine pitch placer that can handle a wide range of components at speeds up to 4,000 QFPs per hour. The machine is built around a very rigid, vibration-free frame for improved accuracy and long-term stability and is perfectly suit

World Equipment Source, LLC

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Industry News | 2008-09-02 15:34:36.0

Minneapolis, MN � The 2008 Charles Hutchins Educational Grant recipient, Lei Nie, a graduate student in the field of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Maryland, has been selected by the SMTA Grant Committee for her project entitled "Reliability of Reballed and Reworked Plastic Ball Grid Arrays in SnPb and SAC Assembly Process".

Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA)

Limited Time Offer: Don’t Miss PROMATION’s Sizzling Soldering Robot Offer

Industry News | 2013-07-08 17:38:14.0

During the months of July, August and September, PROMATION is offering exceptional deals on its TT-400 robotic soldering system.


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Fuji CNSMT GGPH4530 Spring FUJI

Fuji CNSMT GGPH4530 Spring FUJI

Parts & Supplies | Assembly Accessories

CNSMT GGPH4530 Spring FUJI CNSMT GGPH4530 Spring FUJI CKD solenoid valve VALVE 3KA110-S CKD solenoid valve AC100 AC110V 3KA110-S CKD solenoid valve 4KA110-SAC100V 110V60HZ ckd solenoid valve 4KA110 DC24V AC200 AC220V ckd solenoid valve 24VD


Fuji CNSMT RH32771 Harness

Fuji CNSMT RH32771 Harness

Parts & Supplies | Assembly Accessories

CNSMT RH32771 Harness CNSMT RH32771 Harness CKD solenoid valve VALVE 3KA110-S CKD solenoid valve AC100 AC110V 3KA110-S CKD solenoid valve 4KA110-SAC100V 110V60HZ ckd solenoid valve 4KA110 DC24V AC200 AC220V ckd solenoid valve 24VDC 4SB029 4


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Stencil Printing 008004/0201 Aperture Components

Technical Library | 2020-04-14 15:56:32.0

This paper will focus on the application requirements of solder printing small aperture designs, concentrating on 008004 (inch) / 0201 (metric) size components, and the results of a design of experiment printing these challenging apertures. As Moore's law continues to be applied to component miniaturization, the next installment of reduced packaging has arrived in the form of the 008004/0201 for resistors and capacitors. Component size roughly the size of a grain of sand presents specific challenges to the solder printing process. To address these challenges, each aspect of the printing process will need be examined. This includes essential machine requirements, including correct squeegee blades, tooling support, and calibrations, to meet the demanding specifications. The correct match and design of materials will be addressed, focusing on the stencil and substrate design along with solder paste and cleaning solvent requirements. A design of experiment will be reviewed that applies the machine and materials discussed, including the printer and Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) setup and the specific machine parameters used. The results of these DOE's will then be closely examined.


Adhesive Backed Plastic Stencils vs Mini Metal Stencils

Technical Library | 2015-08-27 15:32:16.0

Ever since there has been a widespread usage of surface mount parts, the trend of continued shrinkage of devices with ever finer pitches has continued to challenge PCB assemblers for the rework of same. Todays' pitches are commonly 0.5 to 0.4mm with packages of tiny outline sizes, 5 -10mm square, making the rework of such devices a challenge. In addition to the handling and inspection challenges comes the board density. Spacing to neighboring components continues to be compressed so the rework techniques should not damage neighboring components.


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Top 10 SMT New Product Stories of 2014 - PCB Libraries Forum

PCB Libraries, Inc. |

range of production levels and budgets. At #5, Panasonic Introduces NPM-D3 to SMT Platform: "The NPM-D3 brings the industry's first, single-unit camera for alignment, thickness, and coplanarity," said Mark Ragard, GM, Electronics Assembly Sales

PCB Libraries, Inc.

Data IO Pro-LINE Roadrunner Component Programmer - Capital Equipment Exchange


(PN: 1022414028)","Panasonic MV2F - Camera Stadium Lighting (PN: N942QA412064)","Panasonic MV2F - Reflector Removal Jig (PN: 1042745-000)","Panasonic MV2F - Printer Paper

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