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Zevatech feeders

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 18 13:39:24 EDT 1999 | Jason Gregory

I hope I don't step on anyone's feelings by asking this. Does anyone know where I can find 25 used Zevatech PM570L 8mm feeders at a reasonable rate? TIA. Jason

Quad 1000, looking for opinion

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 02 11:27:45 EST 2005 | rlackey

Depends on the actual requirements of the machine & the skill of the operator, but for that sort of money I've seen Juki 570's with a stack of feeders, Versatronics RV4's, older Mydata's, Samsung CP30's, Essemtec, Philips CSM's etc. I even once bough

Need opinion about KE740 and KE760 !

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 03 22:00:32 EST 2006 | fdr4prez

Yes Rick, you are correct, Zevatech HBA, PPM7 & > PPM9 were all designed and built by Swiss. That > was a long long time ago. Sorry, I guess I forgot about those old beasts. Then don't forget about the good old CATs and Microns made by Zevatech

Juky 570L or Mark IVc

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 28 16:15:17 EST 2007 | jmelson

One more concern is "consumables" like nozzles, chuck jaws, etc. On some machines these parts wear rapidly and need frequent replacement, or are very easily damaged and need replacement after even the most minor crashes like a dropped component layi

Small batch Manufacturing

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 17 08:58:21 EST 2007 | Frank

You can spend a couple grand on a manual screen printer, or do what I did back in the day: place the board on the work bench and lay the stencil on the board. If you can hold it steady enough you can use a putty knife to apply your paste. For the s


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