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| https://www.thebranfordgroup.com/dnn3/Employees/OnlineAuctionAdmin/Lazer-Tech/tabid/1855/AuctionID/1586/Default.aspx?page=1

; RG110, Rex 15 KVA Transformer JM5106 Category: 2 Excellon Mark VI-C 5 Spindle CNC Drilling Machine 110k RPM Air Bearing Spindles, 110k RPM, CNC-6 Controls, 120 Bit TMS Per Spindle, Volt 230, Amp 20, Phase 1 , 60 Hz, Excellon Heat Exchanger 160

Sanolin Lave Blue R liq VP 5224

| https://www.clariant.com/ja-JP/Solutions/Products/2020/11/02/15/27/Sanolin-Lave-Blue-R-liq-VP-5224

  Fastness Data Acid and alkali fastness   acidic 1-5     neutral 6-8     alkaline - Light fastness UV light exposure (72 h, 2 lamps á 300 W) test medium: 0.001 aqueous solution very good Applications Laundry

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