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Speedtronic Mark V Gas Turbine Control System DS200TCQCG1BJF General Electric
Speedtronic Mark V Gas Turbine Control System DS200TCQCG1B  General Electric

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TDK 561-R-0330 AI Spare Parts TDK LEVER Automatic Component Inserter Accessories

TDK 561-R-0330 AI Spare Parts TDK LEVER Automatic Component Inserter Accessories

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TDK 561-R-0330 LEVER Automatic component inserter accessories 0105221-10 0105261-7.5 0312018G 04160041G 04160042G 0416012-5.0 0418001-2.5 0418001-4G 0418003-4G 046-04-016 0552020G 0554006G 0554009G-jh 0554009-jh 0554013K23 0554231G 0554231Gjh 061

KingFei SMT Tech

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Critical Evaluation of Laboratory Potentiometric Electronic Tongues for Pharmaceutical Analysis - An Overview

Technical Library | 2019-12-18 23:28:07.0

Electronic tongue systems equipped with cross-sensitive potentiometric sensors have been applied to pharmaceutical analysis, due to the possibility of various applications and developing new formulations. Many studies already proved the complementarity between the electronic tongue and classical analysis such as dissolution tests indicated by Pharmacopeias. However, as a new approach to study pharmaceuticals, electronic tongues lack strict testing protocols and specification limits; therefore, their results can be improperly interpreted and inconsistent with the reference studies. Therefore, all aspects of the development, measurement conditions, data analysis, and interpretation of electronic tongue results were discussed in this overview. The critical evaluation of the effectiveness and reliability of constructed devices may be helpful for a better understanding of electronic tongue systems development and for providing strict testing protocols.

Warsaw University of Technology

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