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Aegis Software Version 7.07.20

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 12 14:11:57 EDT 2019 | proceng1

Are you talking about CircuitCam? That's up to now. At least that's what I'm running. https://www.dropbox.com/s/josb4f1r6xqeoqk/AEGIS%20Software_V7_7_24_0.exe?dl=0

Please help me identify this diode

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 18 11:33:01 EDT 2007 | davef

Look here: * http://www.tpub.com/neets/book7/24k.htm * http://www.engplanet.com/redirect.html?3809 Search the fine SMTnet Archives for other links to component identification sites

Re: qfp's on backside

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 07 14:43:27 EDT 1999 | Dick Casagrande

| | Does anybody put QFP's on the backsides of boards? Can they be reflowed without falling off? Do you use adhesive? | | | I've seen QFP's on the backside and yes, they need glued prior to reflow - just a couple of drops on the corners. | | Scot

Machine Utililaztion

Electronics Forum | Tue May 28 13:34:57 EDT 2002 | johnw

There is alway's squabbles when people talk about utilization and then there's the fabled effective utilization, which rumour has it is differnt. Most of the time as you say the benchmark's aren't really there and as Mark point's out it depend's on w

YesTech doubling lens installation

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 07 15:28:33 EDT 2011 | fishingfool

assybkr, I don't work with Yestech, just know many of them and have dealt with them in the past. I talked with a couple of the guys and asked them about this. If you call in and want to buy parts they explain that if you are not the orginal pur


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