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ACF Bonding

New Equipment | IC Packaging

Pulsed Heat Hot Bar Bonders, Computerized Control Systems, FPD Workstations


High Force ACF Bonder

High Force ACF Bonder

New Equipment | IC Packaging

Bonding forces up to 700 N with outstanding coplanarity. As the versatile FINEPLACER® pico ma system continues to evolve, a new optional configuration has been developed for the latest Anisotropic Conductive Film (ACF) applications. Today's ACF cha


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Finetech Unveils High Force ACF Bonder

Industry News | 2013-11-08 18:07:48.0

Finetech has developed a new high force configuration of the FINEPLACER® pico ma platform targeting leading-edge anisotropic conductive film (ACF) applications.


TG-1000 Hotbar Bonding System for Small Displays and Wearable Products

Industry News | 2017-05-26 14:54:11.0

Versatile Hotbar Bonding System with Motorized Rotary Table for Precision Positioning


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Are Separate Solder Flip-Chip Bonders Still Required?

Are Separate Solder Flip-Chip Bonders Still Required? Are Separate Solder Flip-Chip Bonders Still Required? Increasing miniaturization is now encouraging manufacturers of handheld devices to stack bare dies or packages. As the process

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