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Aeroflex UTMC

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Aeroflex UTMC is a supplier of RadHard Integrated Circuits for Aerospace, Mixed-Signal Commercial ASICs and Distributed Query Processors.

Aeroflex-Inmet Corp.

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build and design passive microwave components

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Unisoft ProntoTEST-FIXTURE - ATE (Automatic Test Equipment) Software

Unisoft ProntoTEST-FIXTURE - ATE (Automatic Test Equipment) Software

New Equipment | Software

ProntoTEST-FIXTURE used by electronics manufacturers will accurately setup your Automatic Test Equipment (ATE), Flying Probe and design your "bed of nails" test fixturing. In minutes Unisoft ProntoTEST-FIXTURE software translates CAD and Bill of Ma

UNISOFT Corporation

Aeroflex IFR 2399B Spectrum Analyzers

Aeroflex IFR 2399B Spectrum Analyzers

New Equipment | Test Equipment

Aeroflex IFR 2399B A spectrum analyzer with outstanding performance and a user friendly visual interface simplifying many complex measurements.     9 kHz to 3.0 GHz fully synthesized frequency range     Lightweight, portable and rugged construct

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CCGA Packages

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 16 17:09:30 EDT 2007 | davef

Actel, IBM, AMD, Xilinx, Aeroflex, maybe more ...

Re: smt terms and definitions

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 11 10:45:08 EST 1999 | tom terlizzi

tried again to dec 11 and it work the first time I don't have my password this time I did so maybe you have to been in a password mode thanks Tom Terlizzi aeroflex

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Aeroflex Aeroflex IFR 6015

Aeroflex Aeroflex IFR 6015

Used SMT Equipment | In-Circuit Testers

Ramp Test Set The IFR 6015 is a compact, lightweight and weatherproof unit designed for testing transponder modes 1,2,3A/C/S, TCAS I, II and Military E-TCAS as well as TACAN. - See more at:

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Aeroflex NAV-402AP

Aeroflex NAV-402AP

Used SMT Equipment | In-Circuit Testers

Aeroflex IFR NAV-402AP The IFR Aeroflex NAV402AP is a completely selfcontained unit designed for functional testing and calibration of MKR, VOR, LOC, G/S and COMM avionics.

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GOEPEL electronics runs 9th UK Technology Day in 2011

Industry News | 2011-03-22 16:32:41.0

GOEPEL electronics will run its 9th UK Technology Day. This event will take place on the 5th May 2011 in Duxford. The seminars will be covering latest developments, applications and outlooks in JTAG/Boundary Scan, Functional Test and optical inspection technologies.

GOEPEL Electronic

Massachusetts Governor welcomes XJTAG investment in the US

Industry News | 2011-03-24 11:43:36.0

Last week at the Mansion House, XJTAG announced the opening of its first overseas office in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA. Massachusetts Governor, Deval Patrick, congratulated XJTAG CEO, Simon Payne on the company’s investment.


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Aeroflex FS1000

Aeroflex FS1000

Parts & Supplies | General Purpose Test & Measurement

The Aeroflex FS1000 is an ATE enabler with a worldwide installed base and an established MTBF exceeding 8, 500 hours. With the FS1000 you get the advantages of high speed, low phase noise, and high density architecture. The FS1000 product line suppo

Aidek Pte Ltd

Aeroflex Electric bike battery 36V 13.6AH For Panasonic cells Electric Bicycle Battery 250W-500W Shark Lithium Battery Pack with USB

Parts & Supplies | Adhesive Dispensers

Battery Specification Battery Type Li(NiCoMn)O2 Battery Pack 1. Basic Information Serial Number ZBL-HS001K    36V13.6A Connection Type 10S4P Dimension(L*W*H) 360*130*65mm Weight ≥5kg 2. Battery pack(cell) Technical Datas Battery Model 18650/3

Shenzhen Zhiboli Technology Co., Ltd

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Testing Digital Designs – The Boundary-scan Balance

Technical Library | 2010-05-20 17:17:03.0

As several industry pundits have expressed in recent years: "the era of 'one test method fits all' seems well behind us." For most test managers with even a modest mix of products, trying to formulate a test policy/philosophy has become a tricky balancing act at the best of times. James Stanbridge, Sales Manager UK for JTAG Technologies, and Steve Lees Managing Director of ATE Solutions look at the options.

JTAG Technologies B. V.

Creating Reusable Manufacturing Tests for High-Speed I/O with Synthetic Instruments

Technical Library | 2020-07-08 20:05:59.0

There is a compelling need for functional testing of high-speed input/output signals on circuit boards ranging from 1 gigabit per second (Gbps) to several hundred Gbps. While manufacturing tests such as Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) and In-Circuit Test (ICT) are useful in identifying catastrophic defects, most high-speed signals require more scrutiny for failure modes that arise due to high-speed conditions, such as jitter. Functional ATE is seldom fast enough to measure high-speed signals and interpret results automatically. Additionally, to measure these adverse effects it is necessary to have the tester connections very close to the unit under test (UUT) as lead wires connecting the instruments can distort the signal. The solution we describe here involves the use of a field programmable gate array (FPGA) to implement the test instrument called a synthetic instrument (SI). SIs can be designed using VHDL or Verilog descriptions and "synthesized" into an FPGA. A variety of general-purpose instruments, such as signal generators, voltmeters, waveform analyzers can thus be synthesized, but the FPGA approach need not be limited to instruments with traditional instrument equivalents. Rather, more complex and peculiar test functions that pertain to high-speed I/O applications, such as bit error rate tests, SerDes tests, even USB 3.0 (running at 5 Gbps) protocol tests can be programmed and synthesized within an FPGA. By using specific-purpose test mechanisms for high-speed I/O the test engineer can reduce test development time. The synthetic instruments as well as the tests themselves can find applications in several UUTs. In some cases, the same test can be reused without any alteration. For example, a USB 3.0 bus is ubiquitous, and a test aimed at fault detection and diagnoses can be used as part of the test of any UUT that uses this bus. Additionally, parts of the test set may be reused for testing another high-speed I/O. It is reasonable to utilize some of the test routines used in a USB 3.0 test, in the development of a USB 3.1 (running at 10 Gbps), even if the latter has substantial differences in protocol. Many of the SI developed for one protocol can be reused as is, while other SIs may need to undergo modifications before reuse. The modifications will likely take less time and effort than starting from scratch. This paper illustrates an example of high-speed I/O testing, generalizes failure modes that are likely to occur in high-speed I/O, and offers a strategy for testing them with SIs within FPGAs. This strategy offers several advantages besides reusability, including tester proximity to the UUT, test modularization, standardization approaching an ATE-agnostic test development process, overcoming physical limitations of general-purpose test instruments, and utilization of specific-purpose test instruments. Additionally, test instrument obsolescence can be overcome by upgrading to ever-faster and larger FPGAs without losing any previously developed design effort. With SIs and tests scalable and upward compatible, the test engineer need not start test development for high-speed I/O from scratch, which will substantially reduce time and effort.

A.T.E. Solutions

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Example of how to import CAD data and BOM files, and export setup files for ATE, flying probe ATE and design 'bed of nails' fixturing.

Example of how to import CAD data and BOM files, and export setup files for ATE, flying probe ATE and design 'bed of nails' fixturing.

Videos - In minutes the Unisoft ProntoTEST-FIXTURE software translates CAD & BOM files into real reference designators, netlists, X/Y component pin geometries, values, tolerances, part numbers, etc. This data is used by Test

UNISOFT Corporation

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Pipe Insulation & Tubing Insulation

ORION Industries |

. ORION is a registered trademark of Orion Industries Incorporated. Aerocel is a registered trademark of Aeroflex USA, Inc. One Orion Park Drive, Ayer, MA 01432 Phone: 978-772-6000 Fax

ORION Industries

Customers & Testimonials - PCB Electronics Manufacturing Automation Software Suite for EMS, OEM & OD


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