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Agilent Technologies, Inc.

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World's premier measurement company, providing the critical tools and technologies that sense, measure, and interpret the physical and biological world.

Keysight Technologies

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A global electronic measurement technology and market leader helping to transform its customers' measurement experience through innovations in wireless, modular, and software solutions.

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Agilent/HP 54657A GPIB Measurement Storage Module

Agilent/HP 54657A GPIB Measurement Storage Module

New Equipment | Test Equipment

Agilent/HP 54657A GPIB Measurement Storage Module The Agilent 54657A is compatible with all Agilent 54600 products. The 54657A can be used with the Agilent 54620A/C logic analyzers for I/0 only. Specifications     FFT feature allows you to analy

Recon Test Equipment Inc.

Agilent-HP 83236B OFFLINE PCS Interface

Agilent-HP 83236B OFFLINE PCS Interface

New Equipment | Test Equipment

The 83236B PCS Interface is a cellular to PCS frequency translator. When combined with Agilent TDMA and CDMA RF test sets, it provides PCS test solutions for your TDMA and CDMA PCS phones. Features:     1710 to 1990 MHz frequency coverage     Se

Recon Test Equipment Inc.

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Height paste measurement

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 26 00:04:37 EDT 2002 | Dick Toftness

Juan, Agilent Technologies (my employer) has just announced a new high speed paste measurement system called the SP50. If you are interested contact an Agilent Sales Office.

ICT and specifying PCBA testing

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 01 14:46:31 EDT 2011 | davef

Agilent TestJet Technology White Paper In the early 1990s, the testing of digital parts became problematical. Previous in-circuit test techniques sought to ensure a correct, functioning part by applying digital patterns, called vectors, to the input

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Heller Industries Commended by Frost & Sullivan for Delivering Unmatched Customer Value through Its Reflow Soldering Technology

Industry News | 2019-12-09 14:44:26.0

The SMT Reflow Soldering Equipment (Global) award was awarded to Heller Industries by Frost & Sullivan.

Heller Industries Inc.

IPC Urges Trump Administration to Take Measured Approach in Levying Higher Tariffs on Electronics from China

Industry News | 2018-03-22 20:39:49.0

IPC – Association Connecting Electronics Industries®, the global industry association representing the $2 trillion global electronics industry, expressed concern today following President Trump’s announcement that he will impose significantly higher tariffs on electronics imported from China.

Association Connecting Electronics Industries (IPC)

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Pad Cratering Susceptibility Testing with Acoustic Emission

Technical Library | 2015-08-13 15:52:40.0

Pad cratering has become more prevalent with the switch to lead free solders and lead free compatible laminates. This mainly is due to the use of higher reflow temperature, stiffer Pb-free solder alloys, and the more brittle Pb-free compatible laminates. However, pad cratering is difficult to detect by monitoring electric resistance since pad cratering initiates before an electrical failure occurs. Several methods have been developed to evaluate laminate materials' resistance to pad cratering. Pad-solder level tests include ball shear, ball pull and pin pull. The detailed methods for ball shear, ball pull, and pin pull testing are documented in an industry standard IPC-9708. Bansal, et al. proposed to use acoustic emission (AE) sensors to detect pad cratering during four-point bend test. Currently there is an industry-working group working on test guidelines for acoustic emission measurement during mechanical testing.

Agilent Technologies, Inc.

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Agilent DSA90804A

Agilent DSA90804A


Agilent DSA90804A Agilent/HP DSA90804A Infiniium High Performance Oscilloscope: 8 GHz, 4 CH Agilent's DSA90000A series oscilloscopes add Serial Data Analysis, EZJIT+, and Noise Reduction software plus 20M memory standard to the equivalent DSO90

Test Equipment Connection

Koh Young Technology Inc. - KSMART Warp

Koh Young Technology Inc. - KSMART Warp


KSMART Warp for Koh Young Technology’s 3D SPI automatically compensates for PCB warp in real time during inspection, using CAD information or learned PCB geometry prior to inspection. The KSMART Warp functionality for 3D SPI systems now applies to a

Technical Resources Corporation

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Test Engineer

Career Center | Tampa, Florida USA | Engineering,Production

Reptron Manufacturing Services located in Tampa, Florida needs an additional TEST ENGINEER for our electronics manufacturing facility. MUST have at least three years' of RECENT experience as a Test Engineer in an electronics manufacturing environmen

Reptron Manufacturing

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Quality Engineer, SMT Engineer

Career Center | Thanjavur, India | Production,Quality Control,Technical Support

work in one year and above Quality engineer in sanmina,current work in SMT Technical engineer in coimbatore

Electronics Engineer

Career Center | Manila, Philippines | Engineering

I am an experienced Electronics Engineer which is capable in electronics circuit design, trouble shooting and debugging. Have been involved in an R and D environment for 10 years which focus on the designing of power electronics circuit. Currently ho

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2016 Keysight Medalist i1000D In-Circuit Tester - Lewis and Clark

Lewis & Clark |

:  2016 Details: Large Press Down Unit (with 125mm Cylinder & Acrylic Guards) Windows Operating System I1000x Software, Version 01.00[ (27) Analog Cards (128 Channels) – i1000D Condition:  Complete & Operational Location

Lewis & Clark



Analyzer, HP Signal Driver, HP 1142A Probe Control and Power Module, HP E1401B High Power Mainframe Category: 346 Complete Rack of Electronic Test & Measurement Equipment Including: Agilent 33120A Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator, HP 6060A System DC

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