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Almit GmbH

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Almit is one of the leading providers of solder wires, solder pastes and of course lead-free solders, which are also successfully applied in the aerospace industry, in the automotive field but also in consumer electronics.

Nihon Almit Co., Ltd. c/o ANA Trading Corp., U.S.A.

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Nihon Almit is a Japanese solder manufacturer with over 50 years of research and development experience. Our comittment to the cutting edge and highest quality products shows with over one third of our employees in R&D.

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Alternative tin-lead solder pastes to minimize poor wetting on o

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 23 03:41:19 EDT 2012 | grahamcooper22

try Almit Sn62 HM1 RMA V14L ....its the best no clean lead paste for wetting...I sell it and it has solved wetting problems many times when users have used other pastes

Viscosity Solder Paste for SMT Production

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 22 09:01:09 EDT 2005 | iwan

Well guys, I just buy a brand new solder paste softener Malcom type SPS2, I've tried with this with this viscosity result. I Use Almit Solder Paste Lead Free LFM-52X 1 min : 264 pas. 2 min : 272 pas. 3 min : 277 pas. I use standard for Viscosity 20

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Winners of IPC Hand Soldering Competition at Instrutec 2022 Announced

Industry News | 2022-10-28 05:41:25.0

In conjunction with Instrutec 2022 and the Estonian Electronics Industries Association, IPC hosted its popular IPC Hand Soldering Competition in Tallinn, Estonia October 12-14, 2022, welcoming 31 competitors from 14 European electronics companies.

Association Connecting Electronics Industries (IPC)

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SMT Express, Volume 4, Issue No. 5 - from

SMT Express, Volume 4, Issue No. 5 - from Volume 4, Issue No. 5 Thursday, May 23, 2002 Featured Article Return to Front Page Book Review Reviewed by Dave Fish (davef ), Pandion Electronics, Inc. Title: Reflow Soldering

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