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Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 14 13:53:40 EST 2004 | Sue DeLadi

The current manufacturer for the Kleenox P is Alpha Metals. Qualitek International was the first manufacturer of Kleenox P and provided the product to Electrovert/APA. The Qualitek product is Super Deox 1. We believe the formulation was changed in b

very cheap way to reclaim solder from dross

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 23 09:49:18 EDT 2008 | davef

We're not sure the specifics that BLT Circuit Services Ltd referenced, but many companies use dross reducing agents in their wave solder pots. Among dross reducing agent suppliers: * Fry [4100 Sixth Ave, Altoona, PA 16602; 814-946-1611 F814-944-8094

Does anyone still use a foaming stone for flux in Wave Solder Machine?

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 14 15:34:37 EST 2018 | cbart

We have two Wave Solder machines and still use > the FOAMING flux, but the formula we used to use > was discontinued, and the one we are currently > using isn't as good. > > I'm hoping that others > are still foaming and will share what flux >

Criteria for the Omega Mete from Alpha Metals Inc.

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 08 10:49:35 EST 2001 | Simon

We are using the omega meters to determine the solvent extract conductivity. The book is refering to standard MIL-P-28809 who specifies a 14 ug/sq. in. of Na/Cl limit. The past owner of our machine was setting the pass/fail limit at 3.6 ug / sq. in.

Solderability Issues

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 09 12:46:59 EDT 2010 | ppcbs

Try tinning pads with a high pH water soluble flux like Kester 2331-ZX or Alpha Metals 3355-HB is what we use. It will remove the contamination quick;y without having to scrape with a blade. If you have a large number of bare boards you can run them

gold connectors

Electronics Forum | Fri May 31 17:04:02 EDT 2002 | davef

We use boots / shunts er wutt ever you call them to protect solderable component surfaces from wave soldering. Not sure how it would work in your case try: * Kinnarney Rubber 450 Main St. P.O.Box 37 Mantua, N.J. 08051 609-468-1320 fax 7438 http://ww

Re: Criteria for the Omega Mete from Alpha Metals Inc.

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 08 20:57:52 EST 2001 | Dave F

Are you talking about bare board cleanliness or assembly level cleanliness? Bare board cleanliness is still primarily measured by resistivity of solvent extract (ROSE) using instruments such as Omegameters and Zero Ions. What is considered as "acce

Re: More informations on water clean for CSP/BGA package

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 06 03:58:25 EDT 1999 | Brian

| | Hi, | | | | Help! Could anyone help to enlighten me on this? | | | | Question: | | | | If I have a CSP/BGA package of size X by Y and the standoff gap between the component and PCB is Z, What is the maximum allowable Y/Z or X/Z that using a n


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