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PCBNPI-Professional PCB Fab/PCB Assembly Service Provider From China

PCBNPI-Professional PCB Fab/PCB Assembly Service Provider From China

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Professional PCB Prototype & Assembly Turnkey Service For Low Volume Quantity With High Quality And Low Cost! Professional NPI Team Support & Quality Guarantee!Easy Quote online!No MOQ & hidden fee here.Just Have a Try



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PCBCart, a highly skilled PCB Fab, Parts Sourcing & Assembly services provider for global companies, fabricates 23k+ different PCB designs each year, and are committed on the quality & performance of every circuit board it printed

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Mass PCB Production Service - Best Overall Quality, Service & Pricing

Mass PCB Production Service - Best Overall Quality, Service & Pricing

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PCBCart possess full PCB manufacturing capabilities range from standard FR4 PCBs, Aluminum PCBs, Flexible PCBs, Flex-rigid PCBs, Rogers PCBs, etc. We understand that circuit boards quality & pricing matter to clients especialy for those with companie


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About the PCB gold finger contamination.

Electronics Forum | Sun Sep 22 13:14:56 EDT 2002 | scottefiske

Stop the lines...! Stop building defects and rework into your product. Contact Fab Supplier and have pipeline filled for small amount of replacement fabs to keep lines running and limiting production scheduling and impact. Request to have the board

Hardware Torque requirements

Electronics Forum | Wed May 16 12:08:24 EDT 2001 | raton

Some thoughts- Torque applied to each joint is case specific. I know there are charts and all, but they don't account for YOUR situation such as screwing a fab to a chassis(or your aluminum screw). If the customer sets a spec then use it. (But i

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Method for the Manufacture of an Aluminum Substrate PCB and its Advantages

Technical Library | 2015-09-17 17:36:56.0

RoHS legislated restrictions on the materials used in electronics manufacture have imparted significant challenges on the electronics industry since their introduction in 2006. The greatest impacts have been felt by the mandated elimination of lead from electronic solder followed by the demand for the elimination of haloids from flame retardants used in traditional PCB laminates. In the years which have followed the electronics industry has been beset with a host of new challenges in its effort to comply. Failure mechanisms, both new and old, have surfaced which demand solution and the industry suppliers and manufacturing technologists have worked diligently to remedy those vexing faults through the development of a wide range of new materials and equipment for both board manufacture and assembly, along with modifications to the processes used in the manufacture and assembly of printed circuit boards.

Verdant Electronics

NSOP Reduction for QFN RFIC Packages

Technical Library | 2017-08-31 13:43:48.0

Wire bonded packages using conventional copper leadframe have been used in industry for quite some time. The growth of portable and wireless products is driving the miniaturization of packages resulting in the development of many types of thin form factor packages and cost effective assembly processes. Proper optimization of wire bond parameters and machine settings are essential for good yields. Wire bond process can generate a variety of defects such as lifted bond, cracked metallization, poor intermetallic etc. NSOP – non-stick on pad is a defect in wire bonding which can affect front end assembly yields. In this condition, the imprint of the bond is left on the bond pad without the wire being attached. NSOP failures are costly as the entire device is rejected if there is one such failure on any bond pad. The paper presents some of the failure modes observed and the efforts to address NSOP reduction

Peregrine Semiconductor

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Precision Material Removal System

Precision Material Removal System


A brief demonstration of the ScanCAD Precision Material Removal System for PCB Reverse Engineering

ScanCAD International, Inc.

PNC - Manufacturer of Printed Circuit Board from PCB Design, Layout, PCB fabrication & PCB Assembly.

PNC - Manufacturer of Printed Circuit Board from PCB Design, Layout, PCB fabrication & PCB Assembly.


Manufacturer of Printed Circuit Board from PCB Design, Layout, PCB fabrication & PCB Assembly.

PNC Inc.

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SMTnet Express - February 8, 2018

SMTnet Express, February 8, 2018, Subscribers: 31,242, Companies: 10,885, Users: 24,377 Mixed Voltages And Aluminum Conductors: Assesing New Electrcal Technology Olivier Neuman; Mentor Graphics The architecture of vehicle electrical systems

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