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Re: Press for press fit connectors

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 25 17:06:18 EDT 1999 | William

Mario, If you are looking for a cheap press to do press fit connectors, then you are asking for trouble. Now, and in the long run. ASG out of West Palm Beach makes a very good press. We bought a 5 ton version and are able to press up to about 2500

Etch strain gauge in copper layer to measure deformations during press process [How to?]

Electronics Forum | Mon May 26 04:39:49 EDT 2014 | sarason

Damn near impossible. You need to see a real change in the difference between the 2 elements you are reading. So to give yourself any hope run 2 long traces one top one bottom up the length of the board. Then compare to 2 wriggly traces at one end (o

Press fit parts help

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 14 08:27:32 EDT 2014 | kkay

We use a few different style of press fit connectors, terminals, studs, etc. We use a tabletop arbor press for most everything we do, but a lot of times we will see some measling or slight delamination around the holes for the press fit part. Is ther

Flex Singulation

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 07 04:58:59 EDT 2005 | Rob

If by singulation you mean depanelising then the following: Press with steel rule die & plate - approx $500 for tooling Not particularly accurate, and needs replacing regularly, can be modified very easily Press with die tool - approx $10k-20K too

QUAD 4C T axis

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 04 08:02:39 EDT 2008 | leemeyer

Miro, The video has nothing to do with the Quadalign. On a good startup and with no nozzle installed run a "Function 30" and post numbers that you get on the handheld terminal. On a bad startup (nozzle in the down position) press the re button on t

Help CP40CV Contactors Not Engaged,Safety Relay K1 K2 not on?

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 31 12:21:44 EST 2020 | ecogroup

I Changed old parts to New Parts for: All 5 Magnetic Contactors, Circuit Breaker/Protector 1, I/O Switch housing + contact blocks, both 12v and 110v relays. Still CP40 contactors won't engage after I/O Switch is pressed, G9D-301 Safety Relay Power Le

Ionic Contaminate Testing (time or auto terminate)

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 02 11:31:19 EDT 2004 | kmorris

Hi: I am wondering what others are doing that use a Static Ionic contaminate test (e.g. Ionograph/Alphametals) in relation to time. Our Ionograph has the option of setting a test time, or setting it to auto-terminate when there is no change in resis

BGA basics

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 23 14:44:22 EDT 2012 | hegemon

If your pick and place can handle the part placements, you are most of the way there. X-Ray for Inspection of BGA and other bottom terminations = $60K(USD) and up. BGA Rework Station $40K and up. You can reball most any BGA with your Rework station.

Mirae 1010

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 19 07:06:06 EDT 2015 | namcom18

Hi I have a 1010, that I believe is not functioning correctly on startup. I have used MPS1030p, MPS1020p and mx200 machines before as a comparison. Usually with the above machines once the pc has turned on and serial communication is connected thro

Ionic Contaminate Testing (time or auto terminate)

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 02 16:12:51 EDT 2004 | Mike Konrad

Hi -K We are a manufacturer of ionic contamination testers (not yours). In most cases, automatic mode is appropriate. In some instances however, you may need extra time to �release� entrapped contamination from the sample. Automatic mode is not a

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