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SMTnet Express - January 24, 2019

SMTnet Express, January 24, 2019, Subscribers: 31,621, Companies: 10,695, Users: 25,650 AOI Capabilities Study with 03015 Component Credits: Flex (Flextronics International) Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) is advantageous in that it enables

SMTnet Express - November 23, 2021

automated optical inspection (AOI) companie

What is really inside your AOI?

What is really inside your AOI? What is really inside your AOI? by: Jean-Marc Peallat, Russ Warncke, Russell Claybrook, Marc Brun; Vi TECHNOLOGY Installed for the first time 20 years ago, Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) more recently has become

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Industry 4.0 Reflow Oven

High Speed Precision In-Line SPI System - Mirtec MS-11
Precision Auger Dispense Pump

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Assembly Automation Technology

MSD storage in desiccant dry canbinets