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Rotten smell from Electrovert Aquastrom 100

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 28 06:08:15 EDT 2022 | bukas

we once had a batch of IPA that had rotten smell. changed supplier and problem was solved.

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Electrovert Aquastorm AS100 In-line water wash

Electrovert Aquastorm AS100 In-line water wash

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Electrovert Aquastrom 100 In-line Aqueous Cleaning System Vintage: 06/2000 Process Width: 20” Level 1 Upgrade Wash Pump: 10HP (Upgraded) Dry Blower: 2x10HP (Upgraded) Recirculating Wash Tank: 80 Gallon Sump Pump: ¾ HP, 3pH, 460 V

Assured Technical Service LLC

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Electrovert Aquastrom termocouple interface board

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Hi, We are looking for Aquastrom spare part as follow:- 1.DISCRIPTION: THERMOCOUPLE INTERFACE BOARD Part No: 6-1860-080-07-1 Qty: 1 unit.


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