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Aqueous Technologies SMT600-CL

Aqueous Technologies SMT600-CL

Used SMT Equipment | Board Cleaners

Aqueous Technologies Batch Cleaner Aqueous Technologies Model Number: SMT600-CL Serial Number: 7225 Year 2004 - 2005 Stainless Steel Wash Chamber Includes Holding Rack to Wash PC Boards and Parts Touch Screen Monitor Fully Automatic Cleanin

1st Place Machinery Inc.

Aqueous Technologies SMT600-LD

Aqueous Technologies SMT600-LD

Used SMT Equipment | Board Cleaners

Very Clean Aqueous Technologies Batch Cleaner For Sale! See attached pictures and information below Equipment Description Aqueous Technologies Model Number: SMT600-LD Serial Number: 6965 Stainless Steel Interior with Pull Out Wash Basket W

1st Place Machinery Inc.

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A Look to the Future in the Electronics Industry at IPC APEX EXPO® 2013

Industry News | 2013-01-19 07:46:16.0

Information that inspires innovation is center-stage for design, printed boards, electronics assembly, test and printed electronics

Association Connecting Electronics Industries (IPC)

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Managing the transition on a global scale -- changing the cleaning agent means changes to equipment, processes, process control specifications and standards.

Technical Library | 1999-05-09 12:36:40.0

The production of electronics began with hand soldering, followed by manual cleaning, which reached its peak during the NASA program. Each step in the process tended to be considered on a stand alone basis, without thought being given to the preceding and following steps. Since each step had its own set of specifications, this led to a "patchwork" approach to overall quality.


Ceramic to Plastic Packaging

Technical Library | 2010-04-15 22:06:32.0

As electronic products increase in functionality and complexity, there is an emphasis on affordability, miniaturization, and energy efficiency. The telecommunications, automotive, and commercial electronic markets are the leading drivers for these trends. These markets see high volume manufacturing with millions of units priced to the fraction of the cent. The choice of the packaging material for the electrical components for these markets can have a substantial effect on the cost of the final product. Therefore plastic encapsulated components are almost universally used in non-military applications over the conventional ceramic or metal electronic packages.

Electronics Manufacturing Productivity Facility (EMPF)

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Used PCB Wash & Stencil Cleaners - Capital Equipment Exchange


: Speedline Electrovert, Aqueous Technologies, Smart Sonic, Technical Devices, and TREK (Stoelting) All brands have their strengths and weaknesses

Clariant CCIL Annual Report 20190331 EN.pdf


: Clariant embodies appreciation of the planet by protecting the environment and safeguarding natural resources. By using sustainable, cutting- edge technologies, Clariant meets the most stringent standards and sets new benchmarks in the industry

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