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Auto calculate Aperture are on stnecils

Electronics Forum | Fri May 20 08:04:30 EDT 2016 | milroy

Hi All I have a need to calculate the Aperture area in a stencil with in a very short time without going in to a CAD viewer. I need that when I insert solder paste file in to a certain software application and that application software calculate the

Which SMD placement machines are easiest to use?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 26 05:02:13 EST 2000 | maddog

I am consulting for an SMD placement machine manufacturer, looking at Human Interface issues -- hardware and software. I believe strongly that usability directly affects productivity. I would appreciate any comments the community would provide regar

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Newii-A1 and ii-A2Modules are Industry's First Placement Systems to be CFX Certified by the IPC.

Industry News | 2021-03-19 05:59:54.0

The ground-breaking new ii-A1 and ii-A2 modules from Europlacer are the first placement systems from any supplier to be certified by the IPC as CFX compliant. The IPC-CFX standard, standing for Connected Factory Exchange, is the industry's reference for data exchanges between machines communicating within an electronics production ecosystem. CFX has been fully embraced by Europlacer as part of the company's commitment to contributing to a standardized, interconnected ecosystem for electronics production environments.


Interview: Pre-owned systems are in-line with the market trend

Industry News | 2011-12-02 21:47:51.0

Erhard Hofmann is general manager and founder of AdoptSMT GmbH in Grödig near Salzburg (Austria). Throughout the last 20 years the company has shaped into a renowned supplier of spare parts, consumables and pre-owned equipment for the electronics manufacturing industry. Today AdoptSMT employs 75 people and owns subsidiaries in Germany, UK, Poland and Romania. Sales offices operate in France, Italy, Hungary, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Turkey.

AdoptSMT Europe GmbH

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Understanding the Heat Output of your BGA Rework Station

Technical Library | 2018-04-27 13:23:31.0

When performing BGA component rework, it is important to know the actual heat that is coming out of the top and bottom heaters. This will be critical in setting up accurate heat profiles. Monitoring your heat output will also keep you aware of your heaters performance so that you will know when the heaters need to be replaced.

Precision PCB Services, Inc

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Why are lasers so awesome? Because of our vacuum sintering oven auxiliary!


The industrial chain of laser processing has formed a complete ecological chain of laser processing from enterprises producing core lasers upstream to enterprises producing various kinds of laser processing equipment and then to enterprises providing

Beijing Technology Company

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Software – Whizz Systems

| https://www.whizzsystems.com/product/software/

. Our products ensure that the software demands are met and scalable for future design and development. Category: Uncategorized Whizz provides customized hardware that increases performance Description Description Our team is proactive about learning the cutting edge technologies ensuring we have the most

What Are Reflow Soldering Defects

Heller Industries Inc. | https://hellerindustries.com/causes-defects-reflow-soldering/

What Are Reflow Soldering Defects Phone 1-973-377-6800 Company About News Events New Equipment Convection Reflow Ovens Reflow Oven MK7 -New

Heller Industries Inc.

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Software programs for SMT placement and AOI Inspection machines from CAD or Gerber.

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