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philips feeder & assembleon feeder

philips feeder & assembleon feeder

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Philips GEM Feeders 1.Philips CL 8x2mm Feeder KW1-M1300-020 2.Philips GEM 08x02 Feeder PA2903/74 3. Philips GEM 8mm Feeders PA2903/79 4. Philips GEM 12mm Feeders PA2903/ 5. Philips GEM 16mm Feeders Variable Pitch 6. Philips GEM 24mm Feeders PA2

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The GEM Topaz-X features a high precision single placement beam carrying 4 Flying Nozzle Change heads (each equipped with 3 nozzles) and 4 standard heads with exchangeable nozzles. The placement beam moves in X/Y and Z direction, while the board and

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Topaz Off-line software.

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 16 19:02:55 EST 2004 | Frank Gearhart - Assembl�on Snr. Software Technical Specialist

The OS/2 software you are referring to is the CSM-PPS v3 which was released in 1999, it is now out of service. The current software for optimizing, balancing, and generating programs for a Topaz and other Gem machines off-line, is GemLine-PPS v8.0,

Assembleon Philips Gem Topaz FV-82 Feeder

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 04 02:57:40 EDT 2017 | nikkilouie

Hi Guys, Is there anyone knows where can i buy new/used feeder for Assembleon Philips Gem Topaz. we are in needed at least 10 pc.of a FV type feeder for 0402 component. any help would be appreciated. Best regards. nikz

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Assembleon Topaz Xi GEM

Assembleon Topaz Xi GEM

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*   DOS   *   Flying Nozzle change   *   Fiducial camera   *   Pneumatic tape feeder   *   Locate Pin   *   Edge clamp   *   Z servo push plate   *   Entrance sub stop   *   Exit sub stop   *   Auto width adjust   *   Feeder float detection

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Assembleon Topaz Xi II

Assembleon Topaz Xi II

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*   Windows NT   *   Super fine head   *   Line Array camera   *   Pneumatic Tape Feeder   *   Locate pin   *   Edge Clamp System   *   Z servo push up plate   *   Entrance sub stopper   *   Exit sub stopper   *   Auto width adjust   *   Hi

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Yamaha 5322 395 10825 PA 1912100 Calibration Kit Glass Adjustment Kit For GEM KM0-M88C0-10X

Yamaha 5322 395 10825 PA 1912100 Calibration Kit Glass Adjustment Kit For GEM KM0-M88C0-10X

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Detailed Product Description Part Name: Calibration Kit Part Number: KM0-M88C0-10X, 5322 395 10825 Machine: Yamaha, Assembleon Condition: New Origin: China Lead Time: Within 1~3days After Payment 5322 395 10825 PA 1912100 Calibration kit Glass ad

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Assembleon Reject Belt Feeder Gem

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electronic reject belt feeder for Assembleon/Philips Gem Topaz X


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Career Center | ORLANDO, Florida USA | Engineering,Maintenance,Production,Technical Support

Manufacturing tech/eng for a contract manufacture for 10+ years. Been working in the SMT industry for a total of 20yrs. Have done everything from operator to process work. Most familiar with Assembleon, MPM, DEK, BTU,Electrovert, SLIM-KIC, SUPER-MOLE

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PA2654/57 Philips Assembleon FCM ITF2 44mm R4 Feeder


 feeders for ACM, AQ-1, AX-3, AX-5, D-9, FCMII (FCM2) and GEM-Xi series machine:   TTF 8mm Twin Tape Feeder PA2657/00 PA2657/5/1     ITF2 8mm feeder PA2654/00 0

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