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Need manual for Asys board handling machines

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 06 05:04:45 EDT 2021 | oxygensmd

Hello Everyone, I am looking for manual for the following equipments: Asys MPS 50D (mag buffer), Asys TDM 03 (telescoping conveyor), Asys AES01 (1mag loader), Asys LSB 03 (stacker). I hope you can help.

ASYS Destacker and Buffer user manual

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 30 10:33:59 EDT 2020 | makersan

Hello to everyone, If you have the user manual for ASYS LSB 03 and ASYS PS 30 models, can you share it?


Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 02 23:56:08 EDT 2013 | dekhead

Looks like too many signals there for a DEK SMEMA board to handle; trying to translate / ascertain what signals those are, to offer possibilities to communicate with DEK; However would pretty much guarantee a need for hardware change (personality car


Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 27 09:26:59 EDT 2013 | felo188

Hello, I have a problem with SMEMA communication between LSB 03 PCB destacker and DECK 265. Unfortunatelly LSB have 37-pin SMEMA socket. I am trying to make adapter. Based on datasheets of LSB and IPC SMEMA 9851. I tried various combinations but w

Destacker will not separate 1mm thick boards

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 24 13:00:36 EDT 2014 | markhoch

I'd check into the ASYS LSB-03 Bareboard Destacker. It isn't a gravity drop style. It uses edge clamps to clamp the top PCB on the stack and then drop it on the transport rail. So it doens't destack from bottom to top, it destacks from top down. We

ASYS LB03 Bare board loader

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 11 13:11:30 EDT 2016 | gbkellyk

Hi, I hope someone is able help me I have just purchased a used ASYS LSB03 bare board loader and when I have switched the unit on the display reads MODUL 02 OFF also the control panel is frozen and does not respond to any of the buttons when pressed.

Need manual for Asys board handling machines

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 06 15:25:46 EDT 2021 | oxygensmd

I got for LSB 03


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