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Poor wetting to palladium

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 29 12:42:24 EST 2001 | davef

Several points about your query are: * TI�s solderability protection specification is a minimum of 3 u" of palladium over 40-60 u" of nickel plate over a http://www.ti.com/sc/docs/products/logic/package/palladm/index.htm

LGA... where to start?

Electronics Forum | Fri May 09 08:27:35 EDT 2014 | emeto

REduction of center pad is the key as well as the stencil thickness. Having too big opening on your stencil will sometimes lift the part from the pads. Always try to make windowpane and shoot for about 60% of the thermal pad to be covered as start p

Re: Welcome to New Forum

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 13 16:53:52 EDT 1999 | Dave F

Cliff: Good job!!! What is the purpose of the "participation" column in the Forum? After all, we know the topics we selected to participate in and those will be the only ones we see. Right? From a cynical stand-point, probably 60% of those posti

Solder wetting to ENIG pads

Electronics Forum | Tue May 13 09:58:50 EDT 2008 | rgduval

Thanks, Dave, To the 183 TAL...I was just referencing a previous post I found in the archives. We checked the profile on the board this morning, absed on the temp info that AIM recommended, and found that we're above liquidous for nearly 2 minutes!

85K grant. How best to use?

Electronics Forum | Tue May 24 15:39:04 EDT 2016 | spoiltforchoice

It seems a remarkable coup to have been awarded a grant without already having specified exactly why you want it, what you are going to spend it on and how it will benefit your business and the local area. I had an email about the Fox just the other


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