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EFD 781 for Asymtek Conformal Coating

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 22 04:59:58 EDT 2012 | stevew

Hi, I have been looking recently at the EFD 781 atomised spray valve for our Asymtek machine. Just wondering if anyone else has any experiences with this valve type. Thanks

Re: Conformal Coating on Circuit Boards

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 29 13:06:18 EST 2000 | Graham Naisbitt

Todd, All liquid coatings are Newtonian - they follow gravity so they do indeed run away from sharp leads and edges. Silicones are generally worse because they have very low surface energy - although this is an asset when trying to get under compone

Conformal Coat Spray Equipment

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 06 10:51:23 EST 2006 | SteveH

We have 2 PVA2400 4 axis selective spray machines that we use to spray Humiseal 1B31 and 1A33. They take a bit of programming to get right, though this is easy to do, but do the job OK. Another to consider if you need the 4 axis of movement would b

Re: help help! Water clean for CSP/BGA package

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 05 04:01:36 EDT 1999 | Brian

Hi, Help! Could anyone help to enlighten me on this? Question: If I have a CSP/BGA package of size X by Y and the standoff gap between the component and PCB is Z, What is the maximum allowable Y/Z or X/Z that using a normal water cl


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