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Choosing the Right Valve for a Selective Robotic Conformal Coating Application Process

Technical Library | 2013-10-13 10:29:59.0

When investigating the option of a selective conformal coating process it is crucial to consider the right robotic system and valve combination for the material and circuit board that you wish to coat. To fail to do this can lead to difficult process problems in the production line. This article reviews the various valves available and how they can be used with the typical conformal coating materials in the market and highlights some of the key considerations.

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Setting Up a Conformal Coating Facility

Technical Library | 2013-11-06 06:39:05.0

The set up of a turnkey conformal coating production line or facility, whether it is a batch or inline process, has many similar characteristics. Whether the coating application is based around a high volume selective coating robot, a batch dip coating system or a spray booth, the process requirements tend to be the same. This bulletin reviews the potential needs of the facility, including the process controls, environmental needs and health and safety issues and provides some starting points for a new facility.

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IPC-CC-830B Versus the 'Real World'

Technical Library | 2016-09-22 17:52:59.0

Conformal Coatings are often used to increase the reliability of electronic assemblies operating in harsh or corrosive environments where the product would otherwise fail prematurely. Conformal coatings are often qualified to international standards, intended to enable users to better differentiate between suitable conformal coating chemistries, but always on a flat test coupon, which is not representative of real world use conditions. In order to better correlate international standards with real world-use conditions, three-dimensional Surface Insulation Resistance (SIR) test boards have been manufactured with dummy components representative of those commonly used on printed circuit assemblies...



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