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SpaceX was founded under the belief that a future where humanity is out exploring the stars is fundamentally more exciting than one where we are not. We design, manufacture, and launch Earth's most advanced rockets and spacecraft.

Amber Diagnostics

Amber Diagnostics

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Amber Diagnostics refurbishes and re-assembles pre-owned x-ray and diagnostic medical equipment including Multi Slice CT Scanners, Fluoroscopic C-Arms, Cath / Angio Suites, Mammography, MRI's, etc.

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Original New Yokogawa Supply F9342BF

Original New Yokogawa Supply F9342BF

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Welcome to us for a QUOTE. (Unik You) +86 18030205725 (skype/ whatsapp) Most PLC & DCS items in stock!!         AB BENTLY HONEYWELL ABB EMERSON 1794-IT8 3500/93-01-03-0

Cambia Automation Limited

EMERSON	KJ4002X1-BF2 12P3866X012

EMERSON KJ4002X1-BF2 12P3866X012

New Equipment | Industrial Automation

Cambia Automation Limited  is one of the largest components focused on industrial automation PLC module and control system. Its mission is to help customers increase productivity and reduce downtime.   Contact  US Manager: Trixie Email: sales@cam

Cambia Automation Limited

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AOI-problems lifted lead on qfp-100

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 29 05:30:59 EDT 2010 | patejl

Hi We have a problem here in the company with AOI system, most of the problem is lifted lead on qfp components.We are using SAKI BF-planet-x. Most of the defects like mising components 603 or 402 are no problem but if it comes to lifted lead even

Panasonoc CM602-L Problem

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 22 05:36:58 EDT 2015 | myleb

Hi Nhel, It's quite strange problem here... 1. The voltage check: please supply power voltage. Inside machine (BF) there is a transformer, please make sure the voltage setup is correct. 2. In Ringload information, please see the 12V and 24V, is it

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Saki Demonstrates Range of 2D and 3D AOI Systems at NEPCON Korea, Booth X133

Industry News | 2016-04-07 16:45:47.0

Saki Corporation will demonstrate 2D and 3D automated optical inspection (AOI) systems at NEPCON Korea 2016, COEX, Seoul, Korea, from April 6-8 at booth X133. Technical experts will help assess the correct AOI solution for specific inspection and measurement needs.

SAKI America

Christopher Associates Debuts S3X-BF70M and 200N Series Wafer Bumping Pastes

Industry News | 2010-12-01 15:42:43.0

Christopher Associates introduces the S3X-BF70M and 200N series wafer bumping pastes. The pastes exhibit a high definition over time and at elevated temperatures.

Christopher Associates Inc.

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Panasert 8x4 10488BF046 P

Panasert 8x4 10488BF046 P

Parts & Supplies | Pick and Place/Feeders

*100% original and in excellent working condition, without missing parts *offered with reasonable price *steady supply Size Parts No. 8x4 10488BF046 P 8x4 10488BF131 P 8x4 10488BF202 E 8X4 10896BF066 W 12X4 10488BF193 E 12x4 10488BF

KingFei SMT Tech

Panasonic PANASONIC 10896BF101 8x2mm feeder

Panasonic PANASONIC 10896BF101 8x2mm feeder

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PANASONIC 10896BF101 8x2mm Feature : Panasonic SMD SMT Component Spare Parts. Part Name: 8x2mm Tape Feeder. Part Number: 10896BF101. Specification: For Panasonic KME Panasert BM123 BM221 BM231 Brand : PANASONIC Unit : PC(s)

KingFei SMT Tech

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Wedge Bonding Tool Selection

Technical Library | 2019-05-23 10:30:22.0

Increasing I/O numbers, device complexity, and product miniaturization requires high precision bonding tools, and sophisticated equipment. Careful consideration should be given to wedge geometry while selecting the tool for a fine pitch wire bonding application. Wire bonding is a process that creates an electrical connection between a die and a substrate or lead typically using gold or aluminum wire. Wedge bonding is a specific type of wire bonding that uses a wedge shaped tool to create the welds. The design of the wedge tool has changed very little over the past decade. The wire is fed at an angle through the back of the wedge. This angle is typically 30 to 60 degrees and is application dependent. Some applications require a higher feed angle due to package clearance issues. Some deep access applications require a 90 degree feed angle. In this configuration, the wire is fed through a hole in the shank of the wedge tool. Wire feed is shown in Figure 1.

ACI Technologies, Inc.

Accurate Quantitative Physics-of-Failure Approach to Integrated Circuit Reliability

Technical Library | 2011-06-02 15:49:09.0

Modern electronics typically consist of microprocessors and other complex integrated circuits (ICs) such as FPGAs, ADCs, and memory. They are susceptible to electrical, mechanical and thermal modes of failure like other components on a printed circuit boa

DfR Solutions

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Yamaha Sensor Palette Org KV5-M1134-A01


SMT pick and place machine SMT spare part Yamaha Sensor Palette Org KV5-M1134-A01 BF4BU JOINT TT8-01 JOINT TL8-01 JOINT KM-06 MAFFLER 91317-06020 BOLT. HEX SOCKET 91317-04010 BOLT. HEX SOCKET 98903-04008 SCREW. BINDING HEAD KG2-M3407-

Qinyi Electronics Co.,Ltd

Yamaha Cylinder KW3-M923B-01X


SMT spare part SMT pick and place machine  KV7-M13D7-00X SEAL 2 KV7-M1350-00X CAP,PATLIGHT KL3-M13B1-01X PLATE 1,KEY BOARD KL3-M13B2-00X PLATE 2,KEY BOARD KV7-M1310-01X COVER 10 KV7-M1310-02X COVER 10 KV7-M1311-00X COVER 11 KV7-M1313-00

Qinyi Electronics Co.,Ltd

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Equipment Technician

Career Center | Parañaque, Philippines | Maintenance

JOB DESCRIPTION Preventive Maintenance Execution of Preventive Maintenance activities, using the following frame work: Machine Cleaning, Inspection, Lubrication, Repair, Replace and Calibration. PM Documentation PM Master schedule PM Checklist Wo

Six Sigma Practitioner , Process Engineer

Career Center | Senai, Johor Malaysia | Engineering,Production,Quality Control

A Six Sigma Green Belt practitioner with high experience in process,quality and production engineering.

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Assembleon Housing bottom white - 9498 396 02120 - QYSMT

Qinyi Electronics Co.,Ltd |

-AMPLIFIER 5322 216 04345 BOARD, LED 2 ASSY 5322 216 04304 INTERCONNECTION BOARD 5322 216 04346 PCB: BF CONTROL UNIT 5322 216 04306 MOTHERBOARD PCB 5322 216 04355 SINGLE BOARD COMPUTER 5322 216 04308 CPU, SYSTEM UNIT ASSY 5322 216 04357 4 PORTS RS232/422/485 5322 216 04312 CONNECTION BOARD 5322 216

Qinyi Electronics Co.,Ltd

Unisoft - Programming ATE Software for electronic manufacturing service EMS, OEM - PCB assembly / PC


. In minutes, Unisoft Pronto TEST-FIXTURE software translates CAD and Bill of Materials (BOM) files into real reference designators, netlists, X/Y component pin geometries, values, tolerances, part numbers, etc

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Orange Sticks, Wiring Aids & Probes for Soldering & Desoldering.

Best Reflow Oven
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Orion Hungary - variety of EMS for clients preferring quality and on-time delivery