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Taiwan Dry Tech Corp.

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Taiwan Dry Tech Corp. manufacturer of Eureka Dry Tech Fast Super Dryers for moisture/humidity proof protective storage of PCB, MSD, IC packages, meets IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033 & IPC-1601.

SMT Dry Cabinets by Eureka Dry Tech

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Eureka Dry Tech's IPC/JEDEC J-Std-033c Ultra Low Humidity Dry Cabinets provides moisture/humidity controlled storage of MSD,PCB, IC packages. Drying technology trusted by millions in replacing baking, nitrogen & desiccant packs.

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Siemens Blister Unit DLM2 DLM3 00367793

Siemens Blister Unit DLM2 DLM3 00367793

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Siemens Blister Unit DLM2 DLM3 00367793 Siemens Blister Unit DLM2 DLM3 00367793 SMT Spare Parts Siemens Spare Parts Delivery time: 1-3 days Product description: Siemens Blister Unit DLM2 DLM3 00367793  INQUIRY Siemens Blister Unit DLM2

Fomyn Equipment co,.ltd

TrioTek Model 4046

TrioTek Model 4046

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Designed for Conformal Coatings and other Curing applications. LEL Protection. High Solvents, High Solids, Humidity Curing. High Volume Production. Large Area Filters. Reel to Reel Foil Drip liner and removable drip pans for easy maintenance. Convect

ETS - Energy Technology Systems, Inc.

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Brd(Electroylic Gold finishing) got blisters

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 27 09:47:05 EDT 2005 | davef

From the pic, we see blistering, but none so close to via that we'd attribute the blistering to via, via plugging, or anything of the sort. When we see blisters like this, we think of a surface contaminant being present on the boards at the time of

Brd(Electroylic Gold finishing) got blisters

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 23 03:42:10 EDT 2005 | Adeline

presently, the production facing this problem. We has couple of brd which is electroylic gold finishing with plug via. The brd has blister after the PCBA (in lead free temperature, 265 degree) Some time, bare brd already has the blisters. But most of

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Conformal Coating Defect Images for Presentations

Industry News | 2016-12-29 06:43:55.0

Conformal Coating Photo Album CD-ROM The photo CD-ROM album featuring over 280 colour images on conformal coating, materials, inspection and defects and is available to allow engineers to create their own training material, PowerPoint files, process documents and standards. The photo CD covers many of the defects listed:

SIPLACE 3x8 mm shutterless S-feeder improves component supply

Industry News | 2009-01-30 18:39:51.0

S-series tape feeders have been one of the most important components of many Siplace placement machines for many years. With its new 3x8 mm shutterless S-feeder, Siemens Electronics Assembly Systems (SEAS) now presents another improved version in the series. Fewer movable parts mean longer life and more reliability. The new feeder also handles a broader spectrum of components and makes the user's job easier. As a special benefit, owners of classic 3x8 mm feeders can have them upgraded to the shutterless version.

Siemens Process Industries and Drives

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Adhesion and Puncture Strength of Polyurethane Coating Used to Mitigate Tin Whisker Growth

Technical Library | 2022-01-26 15:22:33.0

Reliability of conformal coatings used to mitigate tin whisker growth depends on their ability to contain tin whiskers. Two key material properties required to assess the reliability of a polyurethane coating are documented experimentally: adhesion strength and puncture strength. A modified blister test using a predefined blister area is employed to assess the adhesion strength and a puncture test is employed to evaluate the puncture strength of the coating. After measuring the properties at time zero, the coatings are subjected to accelerated testing conditions (high temperature/humidity storage and temperature cycling) and the degradations of the coating properties are documented.

CALCE Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering

Contamination Profile of Printed Circuit Board Assemblies in Relation to Soldering Types and Conformal Coating

Technical Library | 2017-12-11 22:31:06.0

Typical printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) processed by reflow, wave, or selective wave soldering were analysed for typical levels of process related residues, resulting from a specific or combination of soldering process. Typical solder flux residue distribution pattern, composition, and concentration are profiled and reported. Presence of localized flux residues were visualized using a commercial Residue RAT gel test and chemical structure was identified by FT-IR, while the concentration was measured using ion chromatography, and the electrical properties of the extracts were determined by measuring the leak current using a twin platinum electrode setup. Localized extraction of residue was carried out using a commercial C3 extraction system. Results clearly show that the amount and distribution of flux residues are a function of the soldering process, and the level can be reduced by an appropriate cleaning. Selective soldering process generates significantly higher levels of residues compared to the wave and reflow process. For conformal coated PCBAs, the contamination levels generated from the tested wave and selective soldering process are found to be enough to generate blisters under exposure to high humidity levels.

Technical University of Denmark

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03062054-02 Barcodelable S27 Sector 1 (left)    03062055-02 Barcodelable S27 Sector 1 (right)    03062164-01 Handscanner Dragon D131 complete    03062165-01 CABLE Handscanner D131    03062222-01 O-Ring DIN 3771 - 40 X 1,5 - N - EPDM 70    030629

Qinyi Electronics Co.,Ltd

Siemens Cleanig Tissue 00315253-03


00367018-02 TEST CABLE X2 00367019-02 TEST CABLE X3 00367071-01 Oil Dispenser  z-Axis STRUCTVIS GHD 7ml 00367142S04 COMP.SENSOR SP-12 COMPL. 00367174-02 MOTOR WITH SYNCHRONIZING DISK 00367216-04 SIPLACE line utility box (10/2004) 00367237-01 GA

Qinyi Electronics Co.,Ltd

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 or crimping.  5.3.2 Inspection of cable a. The supplier shall remove the delivered cable from its container and shall  inspect it for dents, nicks, wrinkles, blisters and contamination.  b. If  dents,  nicks,  wrinkles,  blisters  or  contamination

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