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bad connections, or not?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 15 14:25:54 EST 2001 | davef

Let me make several points on this issue � POINT 1: Let�s be basic � Soldering and welding are examples of process that the quality types call "special processes". Special process. The results of special processes cannot be verified fully by subs

Re: Electropolishing Laser-Cut Stencils

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 14 10:23:42 EDT 1998 | justin medernach

Hi all, We are currently having problems with a laser-cut stencil that is electropolished and nickel plated with 9-mil openings. The paste does not release well from the apertures. We are having to wipe after every print. The board is fixtu

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Novel Transmission Line for 40 GHz PCB Applications

Technical Library | 2011-02-10 16:14:34.0

In this paper, we discuss an electromagnetics based approach to transmission line design, and then explore a novel printed transmission line, Periodic Micro Transmission Line (PMTL™, Patents Pending), with improved signal integrity to 40 GHz.

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The Fundamentals of Solder Joint Design – Part 1 – Through Hole Technology (THT) - EPTAC


? Sure we can pull test and stress the solder joint, but these things don’t fail that way. They fail by many years of fatigue, or more importantly, by stress fractures occurring over years of cycling in the environment

Stencil Window Pane Design Example for QFN - PCB Libraries Forum

PCB Libraries, Inc. |

: 2 Post Options Post Reply Quote jdda167 Report Post    Thanks(0)    Quote    Reply Posted: 09 May 2019 at 9:24am Hi,  I'm trying to figure out how library expert software calculates the stencil squares for exposed/thermal pads of QFN and QFP packages I know it is recommended to make a reduction of 40 or 50

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