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Panasonic BM221 Password/Reset

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 08 11:19:55 EDT 2019 | jwwolf

How can I get past error codes upon startup of a Panasonic BM221? There is a password required and this machine was acquired from an auction. Are there default passwords, or is there a way to reset the machine? Thanks

Mydata (TP9-2U) problem

Electronics Forum | Mon May 13 11:05:49 EDT 2013 | shankar2013

I have moved the MOT cards. The messages are still the same. Booster +25V is stable, The BM3 +25V indicator shows no +25V which means any of the feeds down the chain pulled it down. So basically once it is low the relays in the BM3 card will not latc

GSM machine stops responding to VME during production, CLOCK01.SYS failed to install

Electronics Forum | Fri May 06 20:22:02 EDT 2016 | ttheis

I found this in the Force SYS68K CPU-30 manual: ------------ "BM" LED If the CPU board is the current VMEbus master, the green BM LED is lit. This provides the user with a convenient visual indication of the status of the VMEbus. ------------ So th

need new sm line

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 08 00:14:14 EDT 2004 | primoflyer

BGA and some oddform, high mix....many thanks! Short list: Ass'on Topaz(s); Pana CM/BM; Univ'GSM AdVantis; MyData MY

SMT optimization and improvement

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 15 04:28:19 EST 2007 | shrikant borkar

hi We are in to Starting New Line CM212A and CM212D at Present Our BM123 is giving 13000 cph, Rated CPH 30,000 This Thread will help me. Thanks Shrikantborkar@gmail.com

Mydata TP-11 Small X not working

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 31 16:36:06 EDT 2009 | kmakiya

Take a look at the BM3 Ed-1C, page 6 schematic - lower middle. N17-N18 off of XXW2B goes to FX. Have you checked this fuse? Good luck

MY12 tpsys keeps rebooting

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 25 17:09:02 EDT 2017 | tomwd

Is the computer PSU located in BM4CB unit and get the 12v/5v voltages generated from 12v/5v box via the XP5/12v cable?

GSM machine stops randomly; "BM" bus master light out

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 27 02:01:31 EDT 2019 | dilogic

Did you try "Logicomm" debug procedure? It might give you a hint...

GSM machine stops randomly; "BM" bus master light out

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 27 14:26:57 EDT 2019 | ttheis

Hi Deni- Thanks for the suggestion I will read up on Logicomm and see what it gets me.

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