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camalot 1818 vision initialization issue

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 21 09:22:52 EST 2010 | cwhite30

I have a camalot 1818 dispensing system, but it recently stopped booting up. It gets to the 197 vision initialization screen and then freezes with the message "bad command or file name could not communicate with vp" Does anyone know how to fix this?

camalot 1818 vision initialization issue

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 03 14:38:42 EST 2011 | leemeyer

I had this problem awhile back and it turned out to be a problem with the computer Bios settings. The battery had gone dead and the settings were set back to the default state. Luckily I have 2 of these machines and was able to reset the Bios configu

camalot 1818 vision initialization issue

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 05 14:53:59 EST 2011 | cwhite30

I got it working. The computer backup battery did indeed die. I obtained the bios settings from the manufacturer. Thanks

Glue dispensing machine that you recommend? IN-LINE SMT

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 13 21:31:05 EDT 2017 | deanm

I would start my search with the Camalot Prodigy or used Camalot dispensing machine.

Camalot 1818 software request

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 12 09:28:48 EDT 2004 | pasprobe

I need the software to run the camalot 1818, I can't get any support from camalot because the machine is to old. So I really need this software. My serial number is 108.

Underfill Equipment

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 18 15:04:44 EDT 2003 | pjc

Top Four Dispensing Equipment Companies: Camalot www.cooksonee.com/about/about_camalot.html Asymtek www.asymtek.com GPD www.gpd-global.com Creative Automation www.cacsystems.com All above cos. have applications engineering personnel for underfil

Adhesive Dispensing

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 23 14:06:19 EST 2006 | pjc

Positive Displacement Pump technology is in fact used for the underfill process. Both Camalot Systems and Asymtek both use them. Asymtek also has the Jetter and Camalot has the Multi-Piston Pump, specifically designed for underfill applications. The

Camalot System 5000

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 30 12:10:28 EDT 2002 | jax

Camalot info can be located at speedlinetechnologies.com


Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 05 09:22:17 EDT 2009 | leemeyer

Speedline Technologies: http://www.speedlinetech.com/camalot/index.aspx Let me know if they can help you or not

Camalot 5000

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 06 12:32:53 EDT 2014 | lenny003

I am looking for a technician/company that works on archived Camalot 5000 machines in the northeast.

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