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Juki FX-1R tank chain JUKI X axis Y axis drag chain L131E321000

Juki FX-1R tank chain JUKI X axis Y axis drag chain L131E321000

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Long-term spot supply of JUKI original accessories: Juki KE 730/750 Laser(both new and used): E9631721000 Model: 6604054 Juki KE 740/760 Laser(both new and used): E9635721000 Model: 6604096 JUKI KE 2050/2060 / FX -1R Laser Original New Original Pa

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Panasonic N510002655AA  Drag chain CM60X axis

Panasonic N510002655AA Drag chain CM60X axis

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  KXFE00F3A00 CPU   N610087118AA(SCV1ER)/N610012075AA//N610087118AB/N610012076AA/N610087117AA/KXFE000RA00   N610030275AA MEMORY N610030275AA(CM602/212/402)/ELV1ED+ELV3EA/KXFY001MA00/KXFE000UA00/N610009178AA   KXFE0009A00 VI

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mm (4") Conveyor Type Pin chain Conveyor Width (minimum) 50 mm (2") Conveyor Width (maximum) 430 mm (17") 394 mm (15.5") Edge Clearance 6 mm (0.25") Transport Height 940 mm - 965 mm (37" - 38") Conveyor Communication SMEMA RG1 - main air pressure 6 Bar

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