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Clariant Cargo & Device Protection

Clariant Cargo & Device Protection

Industry Directory | Manufacturer / Other

Clariant Cargo & Device Protection offers a complete portfolio of desiccants and humidity indicator cards for use in dry packing.

FKN Systek

FKN Systek

Industry Directory | Manufacturer

Depanelizer Equipment and Tools For Electronic Assembly. PCB Racks and Trays. Wire Crimp Press and Tooling.

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FMC Loopback Card

FMC Loopback Card

New Equipment | Design Services

FMC Loopback Card For more details about our FMC loopback card and to download a pdf with details please visit our website.

Whizz Systems

Box Build EMS

New Equipment | Assembly Services

Box Build EMS We provide comprehensive Box Build EMS .   We specialize in manufacturing sub-assemblies, especially Electro-Mechanical Assembly as well as PCBs with different fitments and brackets.  Our expertise includes everything from simple encl

Whizz Systems

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Cognex card

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 03 22:37:36 EST 2007 | marcelll

We have a Cognex card VPM-5248-32D in our spare stock. Seems to be a spare for MPM or Camalot. Nobody know for sure for whitch model. Somebody knowing on whitch model that card is fitting ?

dek vision card

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 04 11:18:23 EDT 2003 | leonb

i need a dek 265lt vision card is there anyone who can help

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Teradyne Z1880-2 VP-MS

Teradyne Z1880-2 VP-MS

Used SMT Equipment | In-Circuit Testers

Configuration: (1) PC (with PCIO) (1) Keyboard, (1) Mouse & (1) Display (1) VP Card [PN 045-203] (1) ATB II Card [PN 046-213] (1) DSII Card [PN 047-081] (1) RAB II Card [PN 045-399] (53) DR IID Cards [PN 051-027] (5) DR II Cards [PN 046-153]

Baja Bid

Teradyne Z1890-VP-MS

Teradyne Z1890-VP-MS

Used SMT Equipment | In-Circuit Testers

Configuration: (1) PC (with PCIO) (1) Keyboard, (1) Mouse & (1) Display (1) VP Card [PN 045-203] (1) ATB II Card [PN 046-160] (1) DSII Card [PN 090-327] (1) RAB II Card [PN 045-399] (27) DR II Cards [PN 046-153] (1) FIB Card [PN 051-010] (2)

Baja Bid

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Retrofit Your System with True Continuously Volumetric Dispense Technology

Industry News | 2016-07-16 13:32:29.0

Advanced dispense technology is available for integration into your dispensing system. Continuously Volumetric, drip-and-drool free dispense technology can now be retrofitted into your dispense robot. GPD Global's Volumetric PCD pumps ensure the success of applications like underfill, LED encapsulation, solder mask, silicones, conductive ink, conformal coatings, and more. Improve your throughput and yields by retrofitting a Volumetric PCD Pump into your dispense system to simplify the dispense process.

GPD Global

Card-to-cable Connector Meets QS9002 Standard

Industry News | 2003-02-20 08:04:10.0

The Mini-Fix card-to-cable connector is designed to withstand hundreds of mating cycles with high contact security and mechanical stability.


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Agilent Technologies E4000-6X550

Agilent Technologies E4000-6X550

Parts & Supplies | In-Circuit Testers

Keysight / Agilent Part Number E4000-6X550 Hybrid Double Density 6mps Pin Card $3950 OBO

Baja Bid

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Humitector™ Type 2 Non-Reversible Humidity Indicator Cards from Clariant help assure the integrity of moisture-sensitive surface-mount devices

Technical Library | 2021-02-20 00:55:47.0

Customers must be able to rely on accurate humidity indication as an assurance of SMD quality and fitness for processing and use. Without it, they might accept SMDs from suppliers that have already been irreparably damaged by moisture during storage or transit. Or, they might approve for processing SMDs that have been improperly or insufficiently heat-dried. Beyond the processing questions, there are financial questions: Where did the dry pack problems originate and who--supplier, customer, shipper--is financially responsible for the damaged SMDs? In response, Clariant, the originator of the color change humidity indicator card, and a member of the JEDEC's Subcommittee 14.1, "Reliability and Test Methods for Packaged Devices," created a new "non-reversible" halogen and cobalt dichloride free humidity indicator card. This HIC combines two reversible indicators (5% and 10%) with a new non-reversible (60% RH) indicator spot. (Figure 1) The 5% and 10% reversible spots work the way similar indicators do: they change color from blue (dry), to lavender, to pink (wet) to indicate humidity exposure at the indicated levels. If humidity levels drop, they will gradually revert back to blue.

Clariant Cargo & Device Protection

SMT Component Reliability for RF Applications

Technical Library | 2019-05-31 14:19:24.0

ACI Technologies (ACI) characterized the reliability of surface mount RF components. The RF frequency band of interest was the X band (10.7 to 11.7GHz). A two pronged test for reliability of circuit card assemblies (CCA) was designed for both extreme thermal cycling and vibration. The rapid thermal cycling and extreme vibration testing simulates the total stress encountered by the assembly over the life of the product but accomplishes it in a relatively short period of time. In order to perform the reliability testing, a test vehicle consisting of a printed circuit board with test structures and components, was designed, fabricated, and assembled at ACI.

ACI Technologies, Inc.

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Humidity Indicator Card Type 2 - Humitector™ Non Reversible, Halogen-Free & Cobalt Dichloride Free

Humidity Indicator Card Type 2 - Humitector™ Non Reversible, Halogen-Free & Cobalt Dichloride Free


Following the most rigorous quality standards, including strict color meter testing, Clariant's humidity indicator cards and humidity indicator plugs are designed to meet standards set forth by military agencies and electronic/semiconductor compa

Clariant Cargo & Device Protection

How to Use and Read Humidity Indicator Card Type 2 - Humitector™

How to Use and Read Humidity Indicator Card Type 2 - Humitector™


A Sustainable Alternative - Humitector cards are halogen-free and cobalt dichloride free. Visit

Clariant Cargo & Device Protection

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Circuit Card Assembly Online Course

Training Courses | ONLINE | | PCB Assembly Courses

The PCB assembly courses provide knowledge of different processes and equipment used in TH and SMT assembly of printed circuit boards.

Automated Learning

IPC-A-610 Certified IPC Trainer (CIT) Course

Training Courses | | | IPC-A-610 Trainer (CIT)

The Certified IPC-A-610 Trainer (CIT) courses recognize individuals as qualified trainers in the area of quality assurance of electrical and electronic assemblies and prepares them to deliver Certified IPC-A-610 (CIS) training.

Circuit Technology Inc.

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Semicon West

Events Calendar | Tue Jul 10 00:00:00 EDT 2018 - Thu Jul 12 00:00:00 EDT 2018 | San Francisco, California USA

Semicon West

Clariant Cargo & Device Protection

Are Humidity Indicators Part of Your Supply Network?

Events Calendar | Wed Mar 03 00:00:00 EST 2021 - Wed Mar 03 00:00:00 EST 2021 | ,

Are Humidity Indicators Part of Your Supply Network?

Clariant Cargo & Device Protection

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Sr. Functional RF Test Engineer

Career Center | Dallas, Texas USA | Engineering

Skills/Requirements: 4+ years experience and expertise in functional test development of RF wireless products. Provide DFT on circuit card assemblies. Duties/Functions: Design, analyze,build, implement and support test programs, test fixtures and equ

EMSR, Inc.

New England Sales Rep. for CEM

Career Center | Boston Area, Massachusetts USA | Sales/Marketing

EWI is looking for an experienced sales representative in the Boston area for sales of CEM services. Existing sales and line card preferred.


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Asst.Manager Manufacturing &QC

Career Center | Bangalore, India | Engineering,Management,Production,Quality Control,Technical Support

WORK EXPERIENCE DETAILS: 7+ Years of Experience in manufacturing & hardware testing of Protocol conveter & Commissioning, Products delivery and QA/QC. 2+ Years of Experience in Hardware testing and Package Level testing. 2+ Years of Experience in

PCB Layout Designer

Career Center | Coimbatore, Tennessee India | 2017-06-05 07:55:08.0


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MPM Cognex card -2second card QY201202006 | QYSMT

Qinyi Electronics Co.,Ltd |

MPM Cognex card -2second card QY201202006 | QYSMT × Home About US ABOUT US FAQ SMT spare parts SMT Surplus equipments SMT peripheral equipments News Contact US 0 0 Sign in Contact Us Products Cognex card -2second card Public Pricelist Public Pricelist

Qinyi Electronics Co.,Ltd


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