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My company is located in Orange County, California and our processes include sampling, assaying, & refining. We are EPA Approved; Meet Or Exceed Federal, State & Local Standards. We utilizes a shredding system equipped with accurate sampling equipment to process your electronic scrap with hidden precious content. A representative sample is processed through our laboratory to determine the precise

BayChem Fabriks

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Various process formulations for Electronic industry mainly for the fabrication of Printed Circuit Boards. Speciality Anticorrosives offered in the name of"COROBAN" Range Of Acid Corrosion Inhibitors

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Stencils For Solder Paste Or Adhesive Printing. Chemically Etched, Laser Cut Or Combination Laser/Chem.

March Electronics

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chem etching

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 04 18:23:19 EDT 1998 | john

We are looking for chem etching equipment. Does anyone know where I can find chem / laser systems?

Re: chem etching

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 06 06:30:45 EDT 1998 | Wayne

John: You can also check out: Lumonics Control Laser Both have CO2 laser systems that might be of interest to you. Wayne

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Speedline Aquastorm 200 C

Speedline Aquastorm 200 C

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• Chemical isolation package • Torrid zone dryers • 480v/ 60Hz • Drip tray • 20” process width • Checkmate conveyor • Dual Hurricane nozzles • 15hp Hurricane rinse and wash jets • 15hp Torrid Zone Dryer/ plus (2) 3ph blowers  and (1) 5hp blow

Lewis & Clark

Aqueous Technologies auto components degreaser

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BAY-CHEM is hi-tech Speciality Chemical Formulations Manufacturing Unit established in the year 1996.This is being driven by its own Research & Development wing

BayChem Fabriks

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Ravi Parthasarathy, ZESTRON, to Present at the SMTA iNEMI Medical Electronics Symposium

Industry News | 2013-11-09 07:40:01.0

ZESTRON is pleased to announce that Ravi Parthasarathy, M.S.Chem.Eng., Senior Process Engineer, ZESTRON, will present “Reliability Requirements for Class 3 Medical Assemblies” at the SMTA iNEMI Medical Electronics Symposium on Tuesday, November 12th at 3:00 PM.

ZESTRON Americas

Live Demonstrations of the ZESTRON® EYE to be held at SMTAI 2013

Industry News | 2013-10-09 17:08:47.0

ZESTRON will host live demonstrations of the ZESTRON® EYE, the latest innovation in concentration monitoring technology, at SMTAI 2013, booth #416.

ZESTRON Americas

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Why Switch From Pure DI-Water to Chemistry

Technical Library | 2009-12-22 21:47:08.0

While most cleaning applications in the North American market rely on cleaning with DI-water only, for removing OA fluxes in first place, recent market studies show that water has reached its limitations in cleaning performance while favoring usage of aqueous processes. The term aqueous implies the use of aqueous-based chemistries with active ingredients and are usually diluted with DI-water. The nature of these active ingredients in the aqueous chemistries varies between manufacturer and his R&D knowledge.

ZESTRON Americas

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ScanSTENCIL Presentation

ScanSTENCIL Presentation


World's leading solder paste stencil & emulsion screen inspection system. Used by both stencil/screen fabricators and users to detect errors BEFORE production, eliminating costly rework, scrap and delays. Supports E-form, laser cut, chem etch, hybrid

ScanCAD International, Inc.

PNC - Manufacturer of Printed Circuit Board from PCB Design, Layout, PCB fabrication & PCB Assembly.

PNC - Manufacturer of Printed Circuit Board from PCB Design, Layout, PCB fabrication & PCB Assembly.


Manufacturer of Printed Circuit Board from PCB Design, Layout, PCB fabrication & PCB Assembly.

PNC Inc.

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SMT Boot Camp Featuing Phil Zarrow

Events Calendar | Tue Nov 29 09:00:00 EST 2016 - Thu Dec 01 09:00:00 EST 2016 | Rolling Meadows, Illinois USA

SMT Boot Camp Featuing Phil Zarrow


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Houston Chapter

Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA) |

. Corporate Members of our Chapter Amazon AWS Condair Inc. Electronica Test Laboratories Geospace Technologies HISCO, Inc. Houstech, Inc. MacroFab N.F. Smith & Associates, L.P. Professional Members of our Chapter Chem Logic Ultimate Solutions SMTA Global Members Back to Top Upcoming Events June 23 Webinar

Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA)

Introduction to SMT Stencils for Printed Circuit Boards-SMT Technical-Reflow oven,SMT Reflow Solderi


. Electroforming is an additive process where the stencil is created by electroforming nickel. Chem-etch stencils are not very commonly used today

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