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Laser depaneling

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 06 21:21:37 EST 2001 | davef

I know dip about your question. Try: Sri Venkat, Advanced Packaging & Interconnects, Coherent Photonics Group Laser Division, Santa Clara, 408-764-4446 sri_venkat@cohr.com

Re: BGA Inspection

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 18 12:43:22 EDT 1999 | Dennis O'Donnell

Try Precision PCB Services in Santa Clara, CA. They perform BGA component rework and X Ray inspection using the latest models of SRT and Nicolet Systems. Web site: http://www.pcb-repair.com Phone: (408) 654-0773

Bent leads on QFP's

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 30 11:05:31 EDT 2001 | davef

Sohowcum, yer not just sending the bent-up leaded QFP back to the sorry behinds that sent them to you and telling �em they aint no good!!! Gimme goodins!!! [Er, words to that effect.] For QFP lead reconditioning equipment suppliers, try: * Knight

Thru hole DIP I.C. to convert in SMT

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 01 17:35:04 EST 2001 | davef

A couple of things: * Don�t do it. Securing both the plastic case and the lead to prevent breaking the case seal is very difficult to do while you reform the lead. Just resell the parts and buy the correct parts. * If you will not listen and insist

Re: microprocessor project

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 11 20:28:01 EDT 2000 | Dave F

Vincent: Danny is correct. There are tons of bot sites on the net. You should take incentive and search a bit, for instance: http://www.robotstore.com/ http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~rll/ http://www.mit.edu:8001/courses/6.270/home.html http://www.robotics


Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 14 17:25:01 EDT 1999 | Stephen Oltmann

A company in Santa Clara California specializes in repair of fine pitch using automated inspection and repair equipment. They guarantee their work and include bake and dry pack. Go to http://www.sixsigmaservices.com/services.htm DOES ANY ONE KNOW

Re: lead straightening

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 15 12:34:15 EST 1999 | Dave F

Hello all, Looking for an automated device for straightening the leads of TSOPs and other gull wing devices prior to tape and reel or tray placement. Appreciate any help! Kris Kris: Check: 1 SMTnet archives 2 SESA 1700 Wyatt Dr Suite 11 S

Re: QFP "leg straightener"

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 23 23:56:11 EDT 1998 | Russ Winslow

Is a machine available to straighten QFP legs Where? How much? Anygood? Try Precision Technologies, Inc in Santa Clara, CA. They make a flexible machine for high-end lead straightening needs. You might also consider a service company. Our

Removing Markings from Devices

Electronics Forum | Thu May 01 16:41:54 EDT 2008 | chrisawallace

At my last company, we sent specific key components out for remarking to help protect our intellectual property as it is much more difficult to copy a design if you don't know what the components are. (Yes, I understand this is not foolproof but rath

Looking for ball attach capability on panel assembly

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 19 16:28:03 EDT 2015 | mdeley

Looking for a Santa Clara area contract service with capability to attach 15mil dia. solder coated Cu balls, ideally on a 12" x 18" PI panel, small job to start. T&R services are a plus. My initial search is coming up with device/component level r

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