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Lead free component VS vision on Mydata M12

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 08 15:44:35 EST 2005 | Red

I just received a reel of RoHS parts but I have a rejection rate of 15% since I started using it.Does anyone has experience this so far? My machine Mydata My12 with TPsys 2.2.5e

Lead free component VS vision on Mydata MY12

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 09 07:53:08 EST 2005 | avalancher

In TPSys 2.2, you do not have the Auto Teach function that Grant was talking about. The thing to do at this point is to include a MYDATA person. They have services which offer you to send your problematic part in and they will analyze it and tell you

Convert CAD files to TPSys

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 21 20:23:57 EDT 2011 | sarason

My shareware program will generate a TPSys program from a Protel file, any thing from Autotrax to Altium Designer. You can download it from http://users.tpg.com.au/sarason/index.html The TPSys option is entered on the second tab dialog "Option" un

How to connect to TpSys by socket?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 19 12:33:23 EST 2017 | vercek

Hello Jorge, Have you been able to complete your C# app? I manage to do so for TPSYS 3.2 which uses PostgreSQL database. I'm looking to do the same with TPSYS 2.4. I understand it doesn't use SQL database. I'm looking for the type of database it a

convert CAD files to TPSys format

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 27 15:29:45 EDT 2011 | rkondner

Hi, I am an EE/Programmer with a LOT of code for converting CAD files to MyData formats. I have existing code to generate Packages, Components, Trays, Board, Tray Type and Feeder files. There are a lot of CAD file formats out there, what do you n

Mycronic/Mydata MY19 planning on buying

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 25 15:28:07 EST 2020 | SMTA-Alex

TPSys is the machine operating system, proprietary from Mydata (Mycronic, now). It's based on Linux. You have to purchase the upgrades from Mycronic. Depending on which version you're upgrading from, the cost might vary. If the machine you're buying

Mydata Package Database hints?

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 01 16:53:05 EDT 2003 | johnpatricelli

We use Mydata PNP equipment, and are quite happy with it's speed and accuracy, especially with the latest version of the Mydata Tpsys software which includes a prototype version of their emergent auto-teach function for package sizes that can handle


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