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N2 delivery supply

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 10 12:46:17 EST 2005 | jimk

Does anyone have experience in N2 supply source for reflow oven (1000scfh) other than N2 generator? Tanks, liquid, etc. We are in the developement stages of lead free processing and would like a quick, short term solution for providing N2 to a Concep

Frequency to verify the reflow profile

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 03 14:55:15 EDT 2005 | Bman

Both our Quad ZCR and our Conceptronic HVN-102 ovens have had blowers out with no alarms raised. We knew there were problems based on how boards were soldering, but don't count on your oven to tell you if anything is wrong with it. We verify once a

Need help for setting up an assembly line

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 21 16:04:07 EDT 2006 | bman

"Another question, is the facility with 200A @ 208V able to operate this assembly line properly?" That could be a problem, big ovens pull a lot of juice. Our 7 zone Conceptronic HVN-102 runs on 480 Volts and is on a 160 amp breaker, for example. Y

Dream SMT Line

Electronics Forum | Wed May 12 12:22:38 EDT 2004 | solderpro

I agree with the guy about cars, boats, ect... ok, I like as some have said without a doubt, DEK top of the line.... pick and place, love siemens but software is not user friendly, myself, JUKI all the way, great equipment, great software, that mean

Starting point 7 zone oven profile for lead free - 2 layer simple board, but high mass electrolytics

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 17 17:57:13 EDT 2014 | proy

Hello We use a 5 zone conceptronics HVN70 and never before have we had something we could not do including 6 layers Rohs complicated boards. Recently we had a larger - simple 2 layer board - all 1206's etc however there are 15 pcs of a LARGE high m


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