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Re: Detecting lifted leads on QFPs

Electronics Forum | Fri May 28 16:30:39 EDT 1999 | JohnW

Yes l know this problem keeps cropping up on the forum but l've missed some of the follow-ups. Our problem is that the lifting only occurs on 3% of production so actually detecting an improvement is difficult. We're actually having to inspect

Re: silver finishes on pcbs

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 14 10:14:04 EST 2000 | PeteB

Jacqueline, Asuming you mean immersion silver: Advantages - Very flat finish compared to HASL, more easily solderable than bare copper with OSP and more process tolerant than this in our experience, reasonable shelf life, cheaper than immersion gol

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FCT Solder to Focus on Lead-Free Projects and Questions with SN100C® Lead-Free Alloy at Productronica 2009

Industry News | 2009-12-07 18:49:39.0

GREELEY, CO — September, 2009 - FCT Solder, a division of FCT Assembly and an authorized Licensee of Nihon Superior Co. Ltd.’s SN100C product line, announces plans to exhibit its popular SN100C® Lead-Free Solder Paste, Bar and Wire and UltraSlic™ FG solder paste stencil in Hall A4 Stand 570 of the upcoming Productronica exhibition. The event is scheduled to take place 10th – 13th November 2009 at the New Munich Trade Fair Center in Munich, Germany.


FCT Solder and Nihon Superior USA to Display SN100C Solder Alloy at IPC International Conference on Flexible Circuits 2008

Industry News | 2008-01-31 00:10:18.0

GREELEY, CO � January 29, 2008 � FCT Solder, a division of FCT Assembly, and Nihon Superior USA, a subsidiary of Nihon Superior Co. Ltd., announce that it will exhibit SN100C� Lead-Free products paste in booth 213 at the upcoming IPC International Conference on Flexible Circuits, scheduled to take place February 12-14, 2008 in Phoenix, Ariz.


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Design and Construction Affects on PWB Reliability

Technical Library | 2012-04-26 18:52:37.0

First presented at IPC Apex Expo 2012. The reliability, as tested by thermal cycling, of printed wire boards (PWB) are established by three variables; copper quality, material robustness and design. The copper quality was most influential and could be eva

PWB Interconnect Solutions Inc.

The Effects of PCB Fabrication on High-Frequency Electrical Performance

Technical Library | 2016-07-21 18:16:06.0

Achieving optimum high-frequency printed-circuit-board (PCB) performance is not simply a matter of specifying the best possible PCB material, but can be significantly impacted by PCB fabrication practices. In addition to appropriate circuit materials and circuit design configurations to meet target performance goals, a number of PCB material-related issues can affect final performance, including the use of soldermask, the PCB copper plating thickness, the conductor trapezoidal effect, and plating finish; understanding the effects of these material issues can help when fabricating high-frequency circuits for the best possible electrical performance.

Rogers Corporation, Advanced Circuit Materials Division

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SMT Express, Issue No. 5 - from SMTnet.com

SMT Express, Issue No. 5 - from SMTnet.com Volume 1, Issue No. 5 Wednesday, October 13, 1999 Featured Article Return to Front Page HASL WHAT A HASSLE, or HASL'd AGAINby Earl Moon INTRODUCTION This article updates one I wrote for Printed

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Surface Mount International

Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA) | https://www.smta.org/icsr/speaker_forms/Paper-Format-Requirements.doc

. Immersion silver surface finish eliminated due to corrosion risk Alternative finish must meet ICT and solderability requirements Investigate several alternatives (OSP, ImSn, ENIG, and LF HASL) PCB laminate may change from what was used on DT and NB products

Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA)

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