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SMTnet Express - August 16, 2018

SMTnet Express, August 16, 2018, Subscribers: 31,259, Companies: 11,015, Users: 25,092 Reliable Young's Modulus Value of High Flexible, Treated Rolled Copper Foils Measured by Resonance Method Kazuki Kammuri, Atsushi Miki, Hiroki Takeuchi; JX

SMTnet Express - November 22, 2017

SMTnet Express, November 22, 2017, Subscribers: 31,034, Companies: 10,792, Users: 24,082 Factors Affecting the Adhesion of Thin Film Copper on Polyimide David Ciufo, Hsin-Yi Tsai and Michael J. Carmody; Intrinsiq Materials Inc. The use of copper

SMTnet Express - April 30, 2015

SMTnet Express, April 30, 2015, Subscribers: 22,686, Members: Companies: 14,334 , Users: 38,119 Signal Transmission Loss due to Copper Surface Roughness in High-Frequency Region Elaine Liew; Mitsui Copper Foil Malaysia, Shah Alam Malaysia, Taka

SMTnet Express April 25 - 2013, Subscribers: 26322

SMTnet Express April 25, 2013, Subscribers: 26322, Members: Companies: 13358, Users: 34615 Determination of Copper Foil Surface Roughness from Micro-section Photographs by: Scott Hinaga, Soumya De, Aleksandr Y. Gafarov, Marina Y. Koledintseva

SMTnet Express - January 8, 2020

SMTnet Express, January 8, 2020, Subscribers: 33,435, Companies: 10,958, Users: 25,498 Copper/Epoxy Joints in Printed Circuit Boards: Manufacturing and Interfacial Failure Mechanisms Credits: Polymer Competence Center Leoben GmbH PCBs have a wide

SMTnet Express March 28 - 2013, Subscribers: 26288

SMTnet Express March 28, 2013, Subscribers: 26288, Members: Companies: 13327, Users: 34493 A Designed Experiment for the Influence of Copper Foils on Impedance, DC Line Resistance and Insertion Loss by: Alexander Ippich; Multek For the last couple

SMTnet Express - July 7, 2016

SMTnet Express, July 7, 2016, Subscribers: 25,539, Companies: 14,860, Users: 40,631 Dissolution of Metal Foils in Common Beverages Bev Christian, Nancy Wang, Mark Pritzker, Daniella Gillanders, Gyubok Baik, Weiyi Zhang, Joanna Litingtun, Brian Kim

SMTnet Express - February 14, 2019

SMTnet Express, February 14, 2019, Subscribers: 31,675, Companies: 10,706, Users: 25,728 Influence of Copper Conductor Surface Treatment for High Frequency PCB on Electrical Properties and Reliability Credits: MEC Company Ltd. Development

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